My Relaxer Regimen Part 4: Deep Conditioning

Hey all! So, skipping all my lame excuses, My sudden absence was a product of my sheer laziness. However, I have reclaimed my diligence and I am here to speak about my deep conditioning routine. As I shared in the previous post, I believe that conditioning and deep conditioning are two different things. They aren’t […]

Wash Dayaries #1

Well, this will be my first wash day since blogging so here goes! Status: 5 weeks post Wash day focus: Protein Prepoo (Saturday night: 10:20 p.m- 10:40 p.m)- I placed my hair in four sections and secured them with butterfly clips. I used my COC oil mixture of coconut, olive and castor oil. I didn’t […]

My Relaxer Regimen-Part 3: Conditioning

Hey world! So, I am continuing my series with my conditioning routine. Now, I believe that conditioning and deep conditioning are two different things. Conditioners are made simply to restore the natural oils and moisture which were stripped from your hair during shampooing. However, deep conditioning, which will be discussed in the following post, works […]

It’s My Hair Tag

So, I am a YouTube addict as is most of the healthy hair movement and while catching up with my daily subscription videos, I came across a wealth of ladies who did this tag and the questions seemed very fun and interesting to answer. I thought it also served as a great hair icebreaker seeing […]

My Relaxer Regimen Series- Part 2:Shampooing

Hey world! So there is an entire no-poo movement going on right now as shampoos are seen to be stripping because of sulfates blah! Blah! Blah! However! I NEED shampoo and there are no two ways about it. I am no fan of co-washing weekly without a shampoo so I simply use a sulfate-free shampoo […]

My Relaxer Regimen Series- Part 1: Pre-pooing

Hey everyone! So the first question in some of your mind’s is what on earth is a prepoo? Well, prepooing is basically preparing your hair prior to shampooing hence then name PRE-POO. This is done most commonly before using a sulfate shampoo in your hair. Sulfate shampoos contain types of sulfates which strip the hair […]

Introduction to my Relaxer Regimen Series

Let’s be honest! Growing long, healthy thick hair especially RELAXED is difficult and time-consuming therefore it is our duty to ensure that we take pride in the way that we care for our hair. The best way to do that is to have a constant regimen which you follow to take care of your hair. […]