My Relaxer Regimen Part 4: Deep Conditioning

Hey all! So, skipping all my lame excuses, My sudden absence was a product of my sheer laziness. However, I have reclaimed my diligence and I am here to speak about my deep conditioning routine. As I shared in the previous post, I believe that conditioning and deep conditioning are two different things. They aren’t completely different but they have two separate functions. Unlike conditioning which mainly functions to replenish what was lost from shampooing, deep conditioning served to intensely penetrate the hair shaft providing moisture and nourishment which is lost from hair manipulation. So how do I achieve this deep penetration of the hair shaft? Let’s See!

After I have washed and conditioned my hair in braided sections , I unravel my hair and apply my deep conditioning mix which consists of my deep conditioner and COC oil mix. In terms of my deep conditioner, I rotate weekly between one which provides protein- Organics by Africa’s Best Cholesterol with Tea Tree Oil and one which provides moisture- Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep a Conditioner. I always mix both of these with my COC oil mixture ( casto, olive and coconut oil) as they further penetrate and moisturize the strands.

From 1-5 weeks post, I apply my DC with my hands working from ends to root. However, from 6-12 weeks post, I use an applicator brush and apply my DC using the relaxer method so that I can focus a bit more on my new growth and line of demarcation which reduces breakage. In order to control my shedding, I do a black tea rinse on my hair while DCing by spraying some of the tea before applying my DC. I then cover my hair in a plastic cap and sit under my Gold N Hot Conditioning Heat Cap for 30 minutes and then I leave my hair in the plastic cap for 15 minutes allowing it to cool down before I rinse with cold water to close my hair cuticle which prevent frizzing while I air dry my hair.


Wash Dayaries #1

Well, this will be my first wash day since blogging so here goes!

Status: 5 weeks post

Wash day focus: Protein

Prepoo (Saturday night: 10:20 p.m- 10:40 p.m)- I placed my hair in four sections and secured them with butterfly clips. I used my COC oil mixture of coconut, olive and castor oil. I didn’t heat it however as I was feeling quite sleepy. I applied the oil mix to my scalp a teach section and then squeezed a bit of the oil in my hands and worked it in on my hair shaft. I then finger detangled followed by use of my wide tooth comb. I followed up with my Loréal Paris Damage Erasing Balm on the last 4-5 inches of my hair and braided each section which I secured with rubber elastics. I put on my Goodie Plastic cap and then my satin scarf and got ready for bed. Tomorrow is a whole new story!

Shampoo and Condition (Sunday Morning- 10:38 a.m-10:53 a.m)- I got in the shower and wet my entire head. I them shampooed each section individually with my L’oréal Paris Eversleek Sulfate-free Smoothing Shampoo, holding the ends of my braid with one hand and working the fingertips of the other into my scalp vigorously. The shampoo provided a lot of lather as it usually does which is great being that it’s a sulfate-free shampoo. I rinsed all four sections and repeated. My hair felt very clean and a bit stripped but not too much to the point of dryness.. I immediately followed up with the matching Eversleek Conditioner on each braided section and covered with a plastic cap for the remainder of time that I was in the shower. When I rinsed it out, it left my hair miraculously smooth, soft and hydrated.

Deep Condition ( 11:16 a.m- 12:00 p.m)- I mixed my protein deep conditioner which was Organics by Africa’s Best Cholesterol with Tea Tree Oil together with my COC oil mix . I gently unbraided each section, lightly finger detangled and applied the DC to my hair for the ends upward. I covered with a plastic cap and proceed to sit under my  Gold n’ Hot heat cap for 30 minutes and let my hair cool down for a few minutes before rinsing it out with cold water.

Air Drying ( 12:05-…)- After rinsing out my DC, I t-shirt dried my hair for about 10 minutes and them I sprayed my enter head with my leave-in moisture mix and applied my Profectiv leave-in Strengthener to each of the four sections while lightly finger detangling once more. I sealed with the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Hair oil and left my hair to dry while continuing about my day.

Styling(7:32) – At this point, my hair was about 95% dry. I sectioned into halves and applied my  oil mix of castor oil and Africa’s Best Growth oil to my scalp. I then further divided my hair into four sections and began my prep for blow drying. I applied my leave-in moisture mix, followed by my Organix Moroccan Blow Out Cream and my Tresemme  Thermal Creations  Heat Protectant. I then blow dried my hair on high speed, cool air. This was repeated for the other three sections. After blow drying was complete, I used ORS Smooth and Hold Pudding on my edges an styled my hair in a high bun with a flat twist at the front( tutorial to be posted soon). I tied my hair with satin scarf for the night.

Overall Thoughts:This wash day was quite typical. I noticed a fair amount of shedding for being this far along my stretch. However, I know my hair has the potential to shed less, so I am going to keep working to lessen my shedding as much as possible. My hair definitely felt stronger after my light protein treatment as well as the use of products which contained protein (Profectiv Leave-in Strengthener).  I didn’t use my blowdryer for a while but I think it definitely helped me to achieve a sleeker look without the use of excess heat.

Overall time: 8 hours and 47 minutes (excluding overnight prepoo treatment)

My Relaxer Regimen-Part 3: Conditioning

Hey world! So, I am continuing my series with my conditioning routine. Now, I believe that conditioning and deep conditioning are two different things. Conditioners are made simply to restore the natural oils and moisture which were stripped from your hair during shampooing. However, deep conditioning, which will be discussed in the following post, works to penetrate the hair shaft and provide it with an extra boost of moisture and nourishment that has been extracted due to manipulation of the hair in the past days.

Now for my conditioning routine! After I have shampooed my hair with the L’oréal Paris Eversleek Sulfate-free Smoothing Shampoo in four braided sections, I follow up with the matching conditioner from this line. I simply apply a dime-sized amount of the conditioner to each braid focusing especially on my ends and I let that sit for the remainder of the time that I am in the shower. After I am done, I unravel the braids under warm running water to ensure that my hair remains tangle-free and rinse my hair .

Let me just have a moment for my undying passion for this conditioner. It works sooooo great. Sometimes I can hardly believe that it’s my hair after I have finished rinsing out the conditioner. My hair feels super soft. This conditioner surpasses it’s job, so much so, that I am not required to do a deep condition if I don’t feel to after using this. It definitely works wonders for my hair!

-Ms.Tress 🙂

It’s My Hair Tag

So, I am a YouTube addict as is most of the healthy hair movement and while catching up with my daily subscription videos, I came across a wealth of ladies who did this tag and the questions seemed very fun and interesting to answer. I thought it also served as a great hair icebreaker seeing that I’m new to the hair blogging world. With that being said…. Let’s begin!

1. Why did you start your hair journey?                                                                                            I started my  hair journey because when I first relaxed my hair, I had extremely thick Mid-back Length but I took if for granted and flat-ironed the life out of it until it became thin and peaked at arm-pit length, so I set out on a quest to get back my long, thick hair.

2. How long have you been on your hair journey?                                                                     I began my hair journey in April, 2013 so I have been on my journey for two years and 3 months.

3. Are you natural, relaxed or transitioning?                                                                               I am currently relaxed and I have been relaxed for 4 years now.

4. What is your hair length now?                                                                                                   I am currently exactly bra strap length but I don’t want to claim it until all of my hair is exactly on my bra strap.

5.What is your goal length?                                                                                                          My goal length is waist length, of course! Can’t wait!

6.What is your hair texture?                                                                                                              Well I am biracial but strangely enough, my hair is the furthestttt thing from curly or kinky. It has a bit of a wave, it is very coarse however and not to mention thick, oh lord! So if I am typing it, I would say that it’s a 2c.

7.Health or Length?                                                                                                                           I would definitely say health and that has always been my opinion. I hate to see long, thin, damaged and stringy hair. It annoys me so much. It’s like one of my biggest pet peeves. This is probably why I am so scissors-happy. I cut my ends all the time because I love blunt, full ends. I prefer thick, full ear length hair over waist length, stringy hair any day. I also believe if your hair is healthy, length automatically comes.

8. If you could only live with one hair product, what would it be?                                         I love all my product so much. Gosh. That’s a tough one! I’ll probably have to say my Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner because it has soooo many advantages. It’s cheap, has a lot of awesome ingredients for your hair in large amounts, it leaves my hair super soft, it smells delightful and the best part is, it can be used as a leave-in, deep conditioner  and moisturizer. I just love that stuff !

9. What’s the worst product you’ve ever used?                                                                           There isn’t a lot of bad products that I use because I usually do a lot of reviews on a product before I use it but if I had to choose, I would say  Auntie Jackie’s Oh So Clean! Shampooo which was surprising to me because I loved the rest of this line on my hair but this shampoo left my hair very dry and stripped even though it was a sulfate-free shampoo.

10. What is your go to hair style?                                                                                                   This is heavily dependent on where I am in stretch. I stretch my relaxer for 12 weeks so if I am between 1- 6 weeks post , my go- to style is an air-dried flexi- rod set which I will be posting a tutorial of soon  and if I am 7- 12 weeks post, braid outs are my best friend and of course, buns are always present!

11. Are you a product junkie?                                                                                                               A million times, yes! I love to go product shopping and try new products. I can be in a drugstore, mall, comestic shop, whatever…. You will definitely find me in the hair product aisle! However, my bad habit is controlled by the fact that I am a broke teenager and I am actually trying to stick to a specific product regimen so that I can achieve my desired results faster.

12. How often do you trim your ends?                                                                                             I don’t have a set frequency to trim my ends but I don ‘ t hesitate to just pick up those scissors as soon as my ends don’t look so great. If I had to average, I would say about 3 – 4 times a year but that’s a really rough estimation….. It all has to do with the state of my ends.

13. How often do you use heat ?                                                                                                     I use heat on every relaxer day which rolls around 3- 4 times a year . The only other time I will use heat is for a special occasion that requires a sleek look.

14. Do you take supplements?                                                                                                         I take daily supplements of 1000 mcg of biotin.

15. Favorite Oil?                                                                                                                                 My favorite oil would have to be Jamaican black castor oil. I us it in everything….. My scalp massages, sealing my hair, prepoos, deep conditioners. This really helped me to regain my hair’s thickness and I love that !

16. Who is your hair crush?                                                                                                             I have tons of hair crushes both relaxed and natural but for the sake of time and such I’ll just list two of each. For relaxed, I would have to say Ashley from the Happy Hair Show on YouTube and Whitney for prettywitty 77 on YouTube as well. My natural favorites are Naptural85 on YouTube and Glamtwins on YouTube also.

17. How long does it take you on Washday?                                                                                      At most, my wash day would take all day and at least it will range between 4-6 hours.

18.Worst thing that ever happened to your hair?                                                                       The worst thing that ever happened to my hair was heat damage which had to be removed by cutting my hair in layers and now that I’m trying to grow them out evenly, I curse the day it ever happened.

19. Do you dye your hair, if so what colour?                                                                                No, I don’t dye my hair but I wouldn’t mind doing a black rinse in the near future.

20.Who do you tag?                                                                                                                            I tag all bloggers reading this, or even if you don’t have a blog doing this tag would be great for assessing your hair journey this far.

Hope you enjoyed!

-Ms. Tress 🙂

My Relaxer Regimen Series- Part 2:Shampooing

Hey world! So there is an entire no-poo movement going on right now as shampoos are seen to be stripping because of sulfates blah! Blah! Blah! However! I NEED shampoo and there are no two ways about it. I am no fan of co-washing weekly without a shampoo so I simply use a sulfate-free shampoo and all is right with the world.  So I use the L’oréal Paris  Sulfate-free Smoothing System shampoo  and it works wonders!

After I finish pre-poo my hair, I hop in the shower and wash my hair in four braided sections . Using an applicator bottle, I apply the shampoo to my scalp because the thickness of my hair makes it difficult to get directly to my scalp especially after I am a few weeks post. I then work a dime sized portion of the shampoo into the braid itself and rinse and repeat of course.

Yes, I do this weekly because I think after I have pre-pooed my hair and washed it with a sulfate-free shampoo which I follow up with a conditioner and deep conditioner, How dry can my hair really get? So there’s nothing wrong with shampooing but you must ensure that you deal with the potentially harmful effects of shampoo if not utilized properly.

-Ms.Tress 🙂


My Relaxer Regimen Series- Part 1: Pre-pooing

Hey everyone! So the first question in some of your mind’s is what on earth is a prepoo? Well, prepooing is basically preparing your hair prior to shampooing hence then name PRE-POO. This is done most commonly before using a sulfate shampoo in your hair. Sulfate shampoos contain types of sulfates which strip the hair causing it to become dry and brittle. Pre-poos are used to infuse your strands with moisture and create a protective barrier between the hair strands and the sulfate in the shampoo so that hair becomes clean but not stripped of its natural oils. Pre-poos are commonly done using oils and/or a conditioner of choice. The oils work not only to coat the hair shaft but depending on the oils you use, they also penetrate your hair , providing it with moisture and nourishment. The conditioner saturates the hair so that nothing else can absorb into the hair shaft such as the sulfates from the shampoos.

Now that we know what is pre-pooing, let me explain my pre-poo routine. I firstly apply my oil mixture to my scalp in sections and then along my hair shaft especially my ends. It contains three oils. Here are the oils listed with its benefits in pre-poos:

Castor oil- Increases growth and is popularly known for thickening the hair. Extra Virgin Olive oil- Promotes a healthy scalp, naturally conditions and nourishes hair and also acts as a protective barrier for the hair. Coconut oil- Penetrates the hair shaft providing long lasting moisture and shine while sealing in added moisture to the hair.

After application of the oils, I then detangle in the same four sections with my finger firstly followed by a wide tooth comb which releases my weekly shredded hairs and decreases my tangling and shedding during my washday. After detangling, I apply my L’oréal Paris Damage Erasing Balm  to my ends only.  I use this product because it’s main ingredient is ceramide which is a substance in the hair cuticle itself which holds the scales of the hair strand together. Application of this ingredient greatly decreases breakage as it prevents hair scales from splitting .

I then braid my hair and secure it with rubber elastics. I place my braids in a plastic cap and tie it down with my satin scarf as I do this process overnight. The plastic cap warms my hair opening the cuticle which allows the oils to penetrate. The scarf prevents a messy, oily pillow and sheets.  By pre-pooing overnight, I decrease the amount of time spent on my washday and I also give my hair the chance to absorb the products thus acquiring all the benefits.

-Ms. Tress 🙂


Introduction to my Relaxer Regimen Series

Let’s be honest! Growing long, healthy thick hair especially RELAXED is difficult and time-consuming therefore it is our duty to ensure that we take pride in the way that we care for our hair. The best way to do that is to have a constant regimen which you follow to take care of your hair. I already have a page on my blog summarizing my entire regimen which you can check out but in this series I am going to go through each step in my regimen explaining why, when, how and all that other good stuff  to enlighten you on the various benefits of different hair techniques and also allow you to see a fully functional regimen on my hair so that you can get ideas to create one that works for your hair. This is very important to consider because everyone’s hair is DIFFERENT and will respond to different things so it’s important that you pay attention to your hair’s likes and dislikes. So I hope you enjoy the series and gain a wealth of knowledge!

-Ms. Tress 🙂