Introduction to my Relaxer Regimen Series

Let’s be honest! Growing long, healthy thick hair especially RELAXED is difficult and time-consuming therefore it is our duty to ensure that we take pride in the way that we care for our hair. The best way to do that is to have a constant regimen which you follow to take care of your hair. I already have a page on my blog summarizing my entire regimen which you can check out but in this series I am going to go through each step in my regimen explaining why, when, how and all that other good stuff  to enlighten you on the various benefits of different hair techniques and also allow you to see a fully functional regimen on my hair so that you can get ideas to create one that works for your hair. This is very important to consider because everyone’s hair is DIFFERENT and will respond to different things so it’s important that you pay attention to your hair’s likes and dislikes. So I hope you enjoy the series and gain a wealth of knowledge!

-Ms. Tress 🙂



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