My Relaxer Regimen Series- Part 1: Pre-pooing

Hey everyone! So the first question in some of your mind’s is what on earth is a prepoo? Well, prepooing is basically preparing your hair prior to shampooing hence then name PRE-POO. This is done most commonly before using a sulfate shampoo in your hair. Sulfate shampoos contain types of sulfates which strip the hair causing it to become dry and brittle. Pre-poos are used to infuse your strands with moisture and create a protective barrier between the hair strands and the sulfate in the shampoo so that hair becomes clean but not stripped of its natural oils. Pre-poos are commonly done using oils and/or a conditioner of choice. The oils work not only to coat the hair shaft but depending on the oils you use, they also penetrate your hair , providing it with moisture and nourishment. The conditioner saturates the hair so that nothing else can absorb into the hair shaft such as the sulfates from the shampoos.

Now that we know what is pre-pooing, let me explain my pre-poo routine. I firstly apply my oil mixture to my scalp in sections and then along my hair shaft especially my ends. It contains three oils. Here are the oils listed with its benefits in pre-poos:

Castor oil- Increases growth and is popularly known for thickening the hair. Extra Virgin Olive oil- Promotes a healthy scalp, naturally conditions and nourishes hair and also acts as a protective barrier for the hair. Coconut oil- Penetrates the hair shaft providing long lasting moisture and shine while sealing in added moisture to the hair.

After application of the oils, I then detangle in the same four sections with my finger firstly followed by a wide tooth comb which releases my weekly shredded hairs and decreases my tangling and shedding during my washday. After detangling, I apply my L’oréal Paris Damage Erasing Balm  to my ends only.  I use this product because it’s main ingredient is ceramide which is a substance in the hair cuticle itself which holds the scales of the hair strand together. Application of this ingredient greatly decreases breakage as it prevents hair scales from splitting .

I then braid my hair and secure it with rubber elastics. I place my braids in a plastic cap and tie it down with my satin scarf as I do this process overnight. The plastic cap warms my hair opening the cuticle which allows the oils to penetrate. The scarf prevents a messy, oily pillow and sheets.  By pre-pooing overnight, I decrease the amount of time spent on my washday and I also give my hair the chance to absorb the products thus acquiring all the benefits.

-Ms. Tress 🙂



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