My Relaxer Regimen-Part 3: Conditioning

Hey world! So, I am continuing my series with my conditioning routine. Now, I believe that conditioning and deep conditioning are two different things. Conditioners are made simply to restore the natural oils and moisture which were stripped from your hair during shampooing. However, deep conditioning, which will be discussed in the following post, works to penetrate the hair shaft and provide it with an extra boost of moisture and nourishment that has been extracted due to manipulation of the hair in the past days.

Now for my conditioning routine! After I have shampooed my hair with the L’oréal Paris Eversleek Sulfate-free Smoothing Shampoo in four braided sections, I follow up with the matching conditioner from this line. I simply apply a dime-sized amount of the conditioner to each braid focusing especially on my ends and I let that sit for the remainder of the time that I am in the shower. After I am done, I unravel the braids under warm running water to ensure that my hair remains tangle-free and rinse my hair .

Let me just have a moment for my undying passion for this conditioner. It works sooooo great. Sometimes I can hardly believe that it’s my hair after I have finished rinsing out the conditioner. My hair feels super soft. This conditioner surpasses it’s job, so much so, that I am not required to do a deep condition if I don’t feel to after using this. It definitely works wonders for my hair!

-Ms.Tress 🙂


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