My Relaxer Regimen Part 4: Deep Conditioning

Hey all! So, skipping all my lame excuses, My sudden absence was a product of my sheer laziness. However, I have reclaimed my diligence and I am here to speak about my deep conditioning routine. As I shared in the previous post, I believe that conditioning and deep conditioning are two different things. They aren’t completely different but they have two separate functions. Unlike conditioning which mainly functions to replenish what was lost from shampooing, deep conditioning served to intensely penetrate the hair shaft providing moisture and nourishment which is lost from hair manipulation. So how do I achieve this deep penetration of the hair shaft? Let’s See!

After I have washed and conditioned my hair in braided sections , I unravel my hair and apply my deep conditioning mix which consists of my deep conditioner and COC oil mix. In terms of my deep conditioner, I rotate weekly between one which provides protein- Organics by Africa’s Best Cholesterol with Tea Tree Oil and one which provides moisture- Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep a Conditioner. I always mix both of these with my COC oil mixture ( casto, olive and coconut oil) as they further penetrate and moisturize the strands.

From 1-5 weeks post, I apply my DC with my hands working from ends to root. However, from 6-12 weeks post, I use an applicator brush and apply my DC using the relaxer method so that I can focus a bit more on my new growth and line of demarcation which reduces breakage. In order to control my shedding, I do a black tea rinse on my hair while DCing by spraying some of the tea before applying my DC. I then cover my hair in a plastic cap and sit under my Gold N Hot Conditioning Heat Cap for 30 minutes and then I leave my hair in the plastic cap for 15 minutes allowing it to cool down before I rinse with cold water to close my hair cuticle which prevent frizzing while I air dry my hair.


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