My Go- To Summer Hairstyle: Princess Crown Braids

Step1: Section hair into two sections with a side part at the front.         Step 2: Using the LCO(liquid, cream and oil) method, moisturize and seal both sections. My products of choice are my Moisturizing Leave-in mix ( Hello Hydration and water), Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter and Garnier Fructis Triple. Nutrition Dry […]

Wash Dayaries #4 : Let Me Upgrade Ya!

Hey guys! So for the remainder of my stretch til the end of August I want to upgrade my hair regimen ┬áto ensure maximum length and moisture retention in my hair. I will soon be posting my improved regimen, however I utilized this wash day as a prep for my new regimen so that when […]

My Updated Summer Hair Regimen

Hey all! So as I said in my previous wash day post, I wish to increase my moisture and length retention for the remainder of my stretch until August so I have added a few things to my regimen. My typical wash day will still remain as Sunday and I will follow my particular regimen […]

Wash Dayaries #3

Hey! So last week I didn’t post my wash day diary because I flat ironed my hair for an event so I would be posting my routine which I followed on my flat iron tutorial soon! So let’s begin… Status: 8 weeks post Focus: Moisture Prepoo( Saturday Night 8:32 -8:45 p.m)- I heated my COC […]

Wash Dayaries #2

Status: 6 weeks post Focus: Moisture Prepoo ( Saturday Night 7:45–8:00): I took my hair down from my pony tail and divided it into four sections. I applied my COC oil mix to each section, finger detangled and then detangled with my wide tooth comb. I braided each section and secured it with a plastic […]