Wash Dayaries #3

Hey! So last week I didn’t post my wash day diary because I flat ironed my hair for an event so I would be posting my routine which I followed on my flat iron tutorial soon! So let’s begin…

Status: 8 weeks post

Focus: Moisture

Prepoo( Saturday Night 8:32 -8:45 p.m)- I heated my COC oil mix for 15 seconds in the microwave. I then bent my head upside down and applied the oil to my scalp while massaging it in for about 15-20 seconds. I then sectioned my hair in two and applied some oil to my ends. I followed up with my L’oréal Paris Damage Erasing Balm to each section, braided it up and secured with a rubber elastic leaving about 3″ of my ends unbraided. I then reapplied a dime sized amount of Damage Erasing Balm to my unbraided ends. I covered with a plastic bag and then tied a satin scarf on my head. I felt as if this pre-poo routine was less complicated while still providing the same effects of my previous routine which I did in four sections instead of two. It saved me time and energy and I will definitely continue with this routine. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before!

Shampoo and Condition (Sunday morning 11:33-11:56 a.m)- I rinsed both braids which I installed last night. I applied the L’oréal Paris Eversleek Shamppo to each section focusing on the roots and rinsed. While rinsing , the shampoo, I unbraided each section under running water and lightly finger detangled. I rebraided, reapplied the shampoo and repeated. I then followed up with the matching conditioner and rebraided my hair once more. I left it in for the remainder of time I spent in the shower and rinsed it out under running water while detangling one final time.

Deep Condition (12:06-1:00 p.m) I towel blotted my hair and divided into four sections. I then mixed my COC oil mix, along with my Garnier Fructis Hydrarecharge and my Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Comditioner. I applied the deep conditioner mix using the Relaxer Method ( applying conditioner directly to new growth with an applicator brush and then the ends) and sprayed the roots only with a Black tea rinse. I twisted each section, put on a plastic cap and sat under my Gold N’ Hot deep Conditioning Heat Cap for 30 minutes.

Airdrying (1:05-8:12)I rinsed my hair with cool water and t-shirt dried for about 45 minutes ( I got a bit busy). I then applied my Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair as it can also be used as a leave-in along with my Garnier Fructis Morrocan Sleek Oil.

Styling- (8:15-8:50) I applied my African Pride Growth oil and Castor oil mix to my scalp and sectioned my hair in 5. I then applied my leave in moisture mix, followed by my One N’ Only Argan Oil styling cream and my Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Dry oil to my hair. I blow dried each section on cool and then wrapped my hair. I secured it with a wrap scarf followed by a satin scarf.

Overall Thoughts- I think this was a typical wash day. My focus on moisture was definitely achieved as my hair felt super soft, light and hydrated after air-drying. I found that blow drying my hair on cool was a harmless way to get sleeker results for my styles during the week and it also tamed my new growth. Since I am half way through my 14 week stretch, this would be my last time wearing my hair straight and I do want to enhance my regimen a bit for greater moisture and length retention which I think will decrease shedding and breakage. I did think the hair that was shed today was a fair amount given my amount of weeks post. However, I won’t complain if it was a little less.

Overall time- 9 hrs and 33 minutes ( excluding overnight prepoo time)



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