My Updated Summer Hair Regimen

Hey all! So as I said in my previous wash day post, I wish to increase my moisture and length retention for the remainder of my stretch until August so I have added a few things to my regimen. My typical wash day will still remain as Sunday and I will follow my particular regimen for that day up until Airdrying. If interested you can see that regimen,here. After I have airdried, I will use my usual moisturizing products and follow the LCO method to moisturize and seal my hair. However, my go to style would be , what I like to call the Princess Crown Braids ( tutorial coming soon) which I think is a super easy, low manipulative, completely protective style that enables my to Moistuize, seal, apply oil to my scalp and such without taking my hair down from the braids completely. Plus, If I don’t want to wear the braids anymore, I could unravel them and get a bomb Braidout. Awesome right? Then I plan on moisturizing and sealing with my usual rotation of moisture and protein moisturizers until Thursday, when I would add in Cowashing to my regimen.

On Thursdays, after taking down my braids,  I will firstly deep condition using my Garnier Fructise Damage Eraser Balm, which I will always use on a Thursday and then Cowash using my Pantene Truly Natural Cowash. I will Cowash in two slack braids while using my Shampoo. Massaging Brush to lift the buildup and exfoliate my scalp. After Cowashing, I will reinforce a bit of moisture into my hair using my Garnier Fructis Hydra-recharge Conditioner and rinse after about 10 minutes. I will then airdry my hair till it’s about 50 – 75% dry, moisture and seal as I normally would and then rebraid my hair into the Princess Crown Braids. ( I may also use this Cowash to style my hair for the weekend in a heartless style, if I have somewhere to go but that’s hardly likely).

I am excited to initiate this regimen as I feel that it would really give my hair the boost it needs to pass my bra strap. I also think that it would work well together with my new exercise routine as well as my new found passion for fruit smoothies, so…fingers crossed, we’ll see!



2 thoughts on “My Updated Summer Hair Regimen

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