Wash Dayaries #4 : Let Me Upgrade Ya!

Hey guys! So for the remainder of my stretch til the end of August I want to upgrade my hair regimen  to ensure maximum length and moisture retention in my hair. I will soon be posting my improved regimen, however I utilized this wash day as a prep for my new regimen so that when Wednesday rolls around… I would be a bit familiar with my new regimen. ( Yes, I plan on doing mid-week cowashes). Anyway… Let’s get started!

Status : 9 weeks post

Focus: Protein

Prepoo/ Deep Conditioner ( Saturday Night 11:17- 11:33 p.m) So instead of pre-pooing as I do when I use shampoo, I deep conditioned since I am going to use a Cowash. My hair was in a textured bun from an old Braidout so I sectioned into four. I applied my protein treatment which is the Organics Cholesterol with Tea Tree Oil while finger detangling to each section and braided. I put on a plastic cap followed by a satin scarf and left it on overnight. ( However, on Wednesday I plan on doing it for 30 minutes.)

Cowashing ( Sunday Morning 10:28- 10:59 a.m) I applied my Pantene Truly Natural Cowash to my new growth and scalp to a section of my hair. Using my Shampoo Massage Brush( a small plastic circle with short plastic bristles extending from the base and a handle), I exfoliated ( if you will) my scalp working in the Cowash and rinsed that section. I then repeated these steps on the same section and braided up. I repeated this process until all sections were done. I then unravelled the braids and applied my Garnier Fructis  Hydra- recharge Conditoner to each section and clipped my hair up while showering. I rinsed after bathing.

Airdrying ( 11:02 a.m) I used the t-shirt method to dry my hair for about 13 minutes and then proceeded to airdry. I applied my Moisturizing Leave-in Mix, followed by my Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Treatment ( can be used as a leave-in) and lastly my Garnier Fructis Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment.

Styling (8:10- 8:37 p.m) I sectioned my hair into two with a side part at the front. Then, I applied my oil mix to my scalp and using the LCO method, I moisturized and sealed my hair using my Leave-In Moisture Mix,  One N’ Only Styling cream and Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Dry Oil in that order. I then cornrowed both sections to form my new go-to style Princess Crown Braids and placed two small flexi-rods at the ends.

Overall thoughts: I thought this wash day was a success. Co-washing is definitely a new must-have in my regimen as it left my hair feeling super soft and hydrated, not to mention light and flowy. I also love my new shampoo massage brush, it really helped my rod my scalp of buildup given my great amount of new growth. Shedding was reduced and I am ecstatic!

Overall Time: 9 hours and 27 minutes( excluding overnight deep conditioning)



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