My Go- To Summer Hairstyle: Princess Crown Braids

Front view of the two sections in my hair
Step1: Section hair into two sections with a side part at the front.





imageStep 2: Using the LCO(liquid, cream and oil) method, moisturize and seal both sections. My products of choice are my Moisturizing Leave-in mix ( Hello Hydration and water), Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter and Garnier Fructis Triple. Nutrition Dry Oil. I also use a styling product for definition and hold which was the Beautiful Textures Curl Definer a Curling Custard.





imageStep 3: Cornrow or French Braid each section going backwards in a bit of u shape to form a crown- like form on your head. ( Cornrow tutorial for beginners) and secure each braid with a rubber elastic. Don’t worry if your braids aren’t’ perfect.





imageStep 4: Place one braid under the other . Using the braid that is under, place the ends of the braid at the side of the Cornrow opposite to the braid which you are using. ( confusing I know). Repeat the exact same step for the other braid, placing at the side of the other Cornrow. Tip: The objective is to form a circular, crown like shape with the both cornrows.



imageIf I wish to wear the braids out the next day, instead of tucking them under, I would attach flexi-rods to ends.









Here is are some other views of the style:


2 thoughts on “My Go- To Summer Hairstyle: Princess Crown Braids

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