The Relaxed Hair Journey Tag!!!

1. What is your current length and where did you start?                                                                         I am currently around BSL- bra strap length(My hair has layers.. So some parts are still BSB- back shoulder blade) and I started at APL-armpit length.

2. What is your goal?                                                                                                                               Healthy, thick waist length hair gurll !!!

3. How long have you been relaxed?                                                                                                       I got my first relaxer in 2011 so I have been relaxed for about 3 years now.

4.What made you decide to be relaxed over natural ?                                                                                Well as a 12 year old who had mega thick, waist length hair, I easily traded in painful comb sessions filled with tears and Ouch!(es) for long, straight voluminous, EASY TO MANAGE hair!

5.Would you ever go natural?                                                                                                                          Of course! I definitely see myself being natural in the next few years…. I am not up for the transition period right now but I will surely attempt it in the next two years.

6. When did you start your hair journey?                                                                                                 I started my hair journey in April,2013.

7.Who/what inspired you to start?                                                                                                           Well, I stumbled across some photos of my hair when it was newly relaxed and I saw how long and thick it was and then I looked at a picture of my hair in that moment and I saw the drastic change. My hair became relatively thin and much shorter because I was just flat ironing my hair week after week, no heat protectant, no moisturizer and wearing it down everyday …. So of course my hair became dry and damaged and from then on I set out to get back my thick, long relaxed hair.

8.Can you quickly share your regimen?                                                                                                   I pre-poo, shampoo and condition weekly on Sundays. I deep condition every other week and on the week that I don’t deep condition, I do a protein treatment. I always airdry my hair and after I will do a flexi-rod set or a braidout(depends on where I am in my stretch). I moisturize and seal about 5-6 times for the week. I relax between 12- 14 weeks  post and only use direct heat when I relax.

9. What’s your favourite hair product ?                                                                                                   After my vacation experience it will be without a doubt, Beautiful Texture Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner. I’ve always loved  this product but I am obsessed with it now. It is awesome!!! It makes my hair feel great even when it’s in its worst condition i.e. After a long day in sand, sea and sun. Not to mention it is a deep conditioner, leave-in and moisturizer all in ONE! If you haven’t tried it, I definitely recommend it.

10.Have you found your staples?                                                                                                               I definitely have products which I will keep around for a longggggg time, however, I am product junkie so I love to try new products and will keep on doing so as long as I breathe. Tehe!

11.What are some of the reactions you get from others?                                                                       Well my family thinks that I spend wayy to much time on my hair but they give me a lot of compliments as well. Strangers and friends are aWays blown away and they constantly ask me what I do and what I use, not to mention the tons of compliments which I am all grateful for as well as the occasional inquiry about where I get my “weave” done. Hunnayy! I grew this! ( Quick Story! I went to dance class one day and a new girl to the class kept staring at me so I just proceeded and tried to ignore her constant uncomfortable glares. So that continued until the end of the class when she approached me and was like… And I quote ” OMG, you actually have thick, healthy RELAXED hair, I have never seen that before” so I replied and said that any hair can be healthy as logic as you take proper care of it, which was followed by a 10 minute discussion on healthy hair practices blah! Blah! Blah!

12.Name your favourite protective styles.                                                                                               A lot of buns and braids…. Actually my most recent protective style obsession is Princess Crown Braids.





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