MIssing in Action: Miss Tress!

Hey all! So I have been MIA for a bit and I just wanted to share my past present and future events with you guys in a quick little update on my hair and life as well as some posts you can look forward to on my blog, coming this fall.

First to begin with, my hair! So I have been going to the beach and pool like crazy! Which meant I had to say adios to my super duper hair pampering plans for the summer. In one of my previous posts on my updated summer hair regimen, I shared with you my plans for my hair during vacation but that was the furthest from what really happened. I didn’t neglect my hair 100% of course! I still washed, deep conditioned and even moisturized and sealed(when I felt like it). As a result of my inconsistency, I am not quite certain if I made my hair length goal of a healthy bra strap length at the end of summer. Currently, my hair is in an airdried state because it got wet in the rain after I styled it in flexi-rods for my birthday which was yesterday ! Curse that rain! 👎 I am now about to enter my pre-relaxer prep week where I wear my hair in really loose buns and oil it daily and of course, I don’t wash it.

I will be doing my first relaxer update on my blog in a few days, when I relax my hair during the last week of August. I do plan on doing a little trim, goal length or not, because I put my hair through quite a lot during these past few weeks and I think my ends deserve a fresh start. I also think that my regimen hasn’t been consistent at all, product wise, for a while, because all Sumer I have been using whatever I got my hands on for my regimen, so I am also going to assess my hair products and choose which I will be using from September to December for my other relaxer stretch. Hopefully, with some consistency, my hair can bounce back really well from my trim and I can see great length retention , so look out for that post as well!

Now unto life, I enjoyed two vacations with my family and I am really looking forward to going back to school in September and of course blogging. My blog goal from September is to post on Sundays and Fridays which I hope aimcan maintain. You can also look out for collaboration blog posts, alotttt of product reviews, my weekly wash Dayaries, some fun tags, a blog award and new categories of posts based on fashion and my different routines which I do to maintain  a healthy, beautiful body. I am also interested in doing Get Ready With Me posts sooo… I hope that I can accomplish all these things on my blog in the next few months. I promise you and myself that I will work really hard so follow me! Hope you enjoyed my updates!

See ya, Miss Tress 👌


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