Wash Dayaries #8- Werk Those Curls!

Hey guys…. So today is my second wash day since I have made my official regimen products list and I must the inner product junkie in me has subsided( for now at least). I did plan on making the Carols Daughter Anti Breakage Monoi leave-in my staple for this stretch but I have found a new leave- in which I think I prefer. I washed my hair on Saturday instead of Sunday because I had an event to attend and wanted my hair to already be washed and styled. This week was a scheduled Cowash so let’s go!

Status: 2 weeks post

Focus: Moisture

Deep Condition( Friday night 11:54 p.m)- I mixed my Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair DC with my Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser and COC oil mix. I applied it to dry hair in four sections  using the relaxer method and then coated my ends. I twisted each section, secured with a clip and covered with a plastic cap. I placed a cotton headband around the cap to absorb any runny conditioner or oil overnight and tied my satin scarf.

Cowash( Saturday morning 8:45 a.m)- As I took down my twists my hair felt bomb! Overnight Deep conditioning is here to stay! Anyway, so I cowashed each section using my Au Naturale Cleansing Conditioner de la Creme and scrubbed my scalp in gentle circular motions using my shampoo massage brush. I rinsed and repeated.  I the applied a little bit of my Beautiful Textures DC once more, to cease any stripping that may or may not have occurred. I finger detangled under running water, Easy breezy!

Airdrying (9:13 a.m)- I t-shirt dried my hair for about 15 minutes and applied my new leave-in, Garnier Fructis Hydra-recharge Whipped Moisture Leave-in Conditioner and my Beautiful Yextures Moisture Butter and left my hair for the rest of the day to airdry.

Stylling (11:03 p.m)- I became super busy over the course of the day and so my hair was allowed to dry to 100% and more if hats possible. I moisturized using the LCO method ( Garnier Fructis Whipped Moisture, One N’ Only Argan Oil Curl Cream and Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Dry Oil.) I then sectioned my hair and did a tight flexi- rod set (next post) which I left overnight to dry. I coated my palms with the Garnier Fructis Dry oil, took down the rods, separated and fluffed with a hair pic. I forgot to take a picture of my hair after O finished the entire process so here’s some pics of the result after a long day….

Overall thoughts: Wash day was once again super easy and as a result of just doing a co-wash super quick. It only lasted a day because I got too busy to style my hair. My hair shedding was at a minimum and it responded to all products used very well. I loved the results and can’t wait to rock my curls for the rest of the week!


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