Wash Dayaries #9- I’ve Reached my Breaking Point or Should I Say Cutting Point ?

Hey guys! So yesterday, I attended a walkathon and Zumba Fitness session and as a result wash day had to come earlier than I expected. So for  the walkathon, I put my hair into 2 fishtail braids which I jazzed up with a headband (look out for a tutorial). However, By then end of the entire event my hair was a sweaty, stink and dry-feeling, tangled, MESS! I couldn’t possibly wait for tomorrow to begin washday so I got to work right away!

Status: 3 weeks post

Focus: Balance of Protein and Moisture

Pre-poo- I sectioned my hair into four sections and applied my COC oil mix to my scalp. Using a mixture of the Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser and L’oréal Paris Damage Erasing Balm, I coated my entire hair shaft and twisted up the sections. These two products, which are protein based, contain hydrolyzed protein which I think works really well on my hair… It makes my hair feel both strong and hydrated. I covered my hair in a plastic cap and pre-pooed for quite a while ( I had a really busy day!)

Shampoo and Conditioner- If you have seen my updated regimen then you know that I scheduled a clarifying wash for this week using my Suave Professionals Morrocan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. This was my first time using this and WOW! It was the 💣💥👍. I never really opted to purchase this, I only decided to use it because my mom bought two huge bottles of the shampoo and conditioner on sale for me and I couldn’t possibly waste it, but I am sooooo happy that she did because this stuff is A- ma-zingggg ( I MUST do a review soon). So I washed my hair in two sections using the shampoo twice on each section. I then followed up with the conditioner and let it sit for about 10 minutes and rinsed.

Deep Condition and Airdry- I ran out of time because I had some stuff to do but this is where having a Deep Conditioner that can double as a leave-in comes in handy. So I t-shirt dried my hair, applied the Deep Conditioner/Leave-in and allowed my hair to airdry for the remainder of the day.  However, 20 minutes into Airdrying I became super annoyed with my ends and as you may or may not recall, I was trying to repair them and do a trim in December but I couldn’t wait any longer so I cut off approximately an inch of hair from my ends on both  sides of my head. Pictures at the end!

Moisturize and Style- I allowed my hair to completely dry and it felt great. It felt light and fluffy but moisturized at the same time and with my trim making my hair blunt and thick… I was in love! My hair felt so moisturized at I didn’t need to use the LCO method to moisturize and seal so I didn’t use my leave-in… Instead I just used my One N Only Argan Oil moisturizer and my Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Dry Oil and that did the trick. Since I trimmed like hours ago and I wanted to maintain my hair, I didn’t set it in Flexi-rods as I am going to be following a VERY STRICT protective style regimen where I allow myself to wear my hair out once per week and baggying my ends on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I simply but it in a low, loose bun and secured with two bobby pins.

Here are some pictures of my trim,  keep in mind that I experience some shrinkage after Airdrying so this is not the actual length of my hair, with the trim, my hair is still BSL, it’s just not as far down my bra strap as before…. It’s about one-quarter inch on my bra-strap now.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall thoughts: I fell in love with this shampoo and conditioner amd I think it actually subsided the product junkie in me for me to consider it as my staple Shampoo and Conditioner from now on…. Time will tell! It made my hair feel great and moisturized while being light and flowy. Not to mention, it gave my hair A-lot of body and volume. I am also super happy with my trim… As I mentioned in a few other posts I am scissors happy and thinning ends usually don’t stay on my head for very long but I am definitely going to try and maintain my ends for as long as possible. I also noticed very little shedding this week….. The least amount since I began my stretch actually so that’s a definite plus. It was a great washday and I am super happy with my hair right now.


5 thoughts on “Wash Dayaries #9- I’ve Reached my Breaking Point or Should I Say Cutting Point ?

  1. Hi I got 2 questions!
    1. What is COC that you used for your pre-poo?
    2. Can u tell me more about the dc that doubles up as a leavin conditioner, or point me to the post u wrote about it?

    I love good wash days!

    • Well my COC oil mix is a conception I created using three of the most common hair and beneficial oils known in the hair care work… They are Coconut oil, Olive oil and Castor oil… Hence the name COC. This mixture penetrates your shaft, works great for your scalp and adds thickness which is why I love it!
      Well that DC is called Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner and it’s amazing on my hair! It contains awesome ingredients, is very inexpensive and it leaves my hair feeling like butter… It’s very funny you should inquire about it because I have a long-awaited product review post based on this coming out on Friday so I will speak about it in great detail… So be sure to check that out! 😀😃

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