Just to Let Ya Know!

Hey guys! So a few weeks ago I was away from my blog because I was super sick and as a result my work piled up on me so I had to complete my schoolwork first and then make time to blog. During my short blogging absence however I did make some changes to my regimen because I realized that as my hair grows it changes and needs different things…. which I want to share with you.

1. My Shampooing Process- Even though I am still using my Suave Morrocan Sleek Shampoo, I have altered the process by which I apply it which is exactly as follows:

I apply the shampoo to section 1, work it into my scalp and clip it up. I apply the shampoo to section 2, work it into my scalp and clip it up. I go back to section 1, rinse the shampoo and lather my scalp again, after which, I clip it up. I then go to section 2, rinse and lather the scalp, and clip it up. I go back to section 1 and rinse, which I then repeat on section 2.

Phew!!! That’s a lot of work, to type and do! But my hair has never felt cleaner!

2. Cowashing- I am not sure if it’s the Cowash that I am using or if Cowashing is just not for me but my hair does not enjoy cowashed at all. Even though my hair feels a tad bit moisturized after Cowashing, my scalp is still super dirty due to the fact that I get a lot of buildup over the course of one week.mthis results in tangles and just an overall difficult time drying and styling so I have chosen to stick to weekly shampoos which I makes my scalp happy and healthy.

3. My Deep Conditioning- I am entering the second half of my stretch and since I have new growth coming in, I would need a whole lot more protein and moisture to maintain healthy hair with minimal shedding and breakage. So, I have decided to use my Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner and my L’oréal Paris Damage Erasing Balm weekly. I will use the Damage Erasing Balm as a prepoo and sit under my deep conditioning cap for 10 minutes and apply my rapid repair deep conditioner after I shampoo and condition for 25 minutes under my cap. I apply both deep conditioners sing the relaxer method which is where I apply the mix to my new growth first and then my ends. The Beautiful Textures provide my hair with moisture while the L’oréal Paris provides light protein and ceramides which reconstruct and strengthen the hair and is safe enough for weekly use without getting protein overload.

4. Black Tea Rinses- I have began adding black tea rinses back into my regimen since I am in the second half of my stretch. I boil two cups of water and then steep 2 tea bags. I add a half cup of coconut oil to the tea, mix and add it to my spray bottle. This mix last me about 4-5 weeks after which I make some more. I only began using it in the past week at 8 weeks post but I noticed a great decrease in shedding almost immediately after. I know that with continued use my shedding mill eventually be super minimal. I never used coconut oil with this before but it has definitely worked to penetrate my hair shaft leaving it soft when the black tea tends to leave it hard and dry.

5. New moisturizers- I recently purchase co two new moisturizers which are the ORS HAIRepair Intense moisture cream and anti breakage cream. I haven’t used them long enough to do a review but I love the anti-breakage cream wayy more than the intense moisture cream. Previously I used to use the One N’ Only Argan Oil styling cream and curl cream to moisturize my hair but I think it has only become useful when setting my hair. It doesn’t do a very good job moisturizing my hair throughout the week anymore.

6. General- My products are all nearing the end and I am not sure if I will repurchase or if I will try to clear up some stuff out of my cupboard since I am trying to maintain a consistent regimen of products, but I have already made so many changes it’s just impossible to be consistent with products because I have realized that my hair needs are changing.

Are you making any changes to your regimen? If so, why? Please feel free to leave your comments, advice and questions int the comment section.



4 thoughts on “Just to Let Ya Know!

  1. I’m happy someone else isn’t as obsessed with cowashing as everyone else is! I completely agree with you – it just doesn’t get my hair clean enough. I think your black tea/coconut oil mix is a brilliant idea, I’m going to try it! Do you leave this mixture in your hair? I’m getting a sew in soon, and I think this might be a good leave-in that I can use.

    • Yes! My scalp is wayyyy too oily to be Cowashing. Thank you… I decided to mix it because the black tea on its own tends to make your hair super dry. It’s a rinse out treatment and please tell me how you liked it! Oh and be sure to put a DC over it because if you don’t your hair will feel dull and super dry.

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