Wash Dayaries #12- Laziness Pays Off

Hey everybodayyyyy!!! So this post was due for some days now but life so…. let me just share my wash day with you!

Status: 10 weeks post

Focus: moisture

Pre-poo: I heated my COC oil mix for 20 seconds in the microwave and applied it to my hair in four sections while lightly finger detangling my hair. I then proceeded to apply my L’oréal Paris Damaging Erasing Balm to the last 5 inches of my hair and I braided all four sections. After putting on my plastic cap, I allowed my hair to sit for about 45 minutes without heat.

Shampoo and Condition: I shampooed my hair in four sections. I washed and deep conditioned ach section one at a time. On each section, I shampooed my hair twice using my scalp massage brush, added my DC which was the Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner and sealed in the DC with my Africa’s Best Hair Growth Oil. I then tucked in that section and proceeded to the next one. I repeated this process until all sections were covered.

Deep Condition: I quickly hopped out of the shower, sat under my Gold N Hot Deep Conditioning Cap for 20-30 minutes and then did a cool water rinse while detangling each section under running water with a shower comb.

Airdry: I had some errands to run so I allowed my hair to airdry for this washday instead of t-shirt drying. I added my Creme of Nature Argan Oil Leave-in and coated my hair in the Africa’s Best Growth Oil and left it down.

Styling: When my hair was dry, I simply pulled it into a ponytail and that was it!

Airdried ponytail at 10 weeks post!

Airdried ponytail at 10 weeks post!

Overall thoughts: this washday was a pretty lazy one but I saw great results. I noticed that my hair responded better to me heating my COC oil mix instead of just applying at room temperature. The shampoo and condition process seemed like if took a lot of time but it minimized my knots and tangles( which I have a lot of at this stage in my stretch), it made my hair feel soft and moisturized and it was pretty easy to do. By adding the oil directly to my hair after applying the DC instead of mixing it in with the DC, I felt as if my hair retained more moisture and definitely felt soft…. Detangling was a breeze! When Airdrying, I decided to apply the oil to my hair just to see how it would work when helping me to retain moisture while I airdried. At first when I put it on wet hair, my hair felt weighed down and yuck! But as my hair dried, it felt soft, manageable, light and fluffy so I was definitely impressed with the oil in the Airdrying department. Not to mention, my ponytail was super easy to make( at 10 weeks post) and looked pretty nice. However, I no longer airdry my hair weekly so I am not sure if I will be using it very often.


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