Wash Dayaries #13- When in doubt, Curl it Out!

This washday was a pretty basic one. I am scheduled to have a relaxer next week as I will be 12 weeks post but my hair is quite fine and I want to relax as close to Christmas as possible so I definitely see a 16 weeks stretch in my future. As I am preparing for exams, my hair routine isn’t as exciting as it usually is but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do….. So let’s do it!

Status: 11 weeks post

Focus: Moisture

Pre-poo: I heated my COC oil mix for 15 seconds and applied it to my scalp and hair shaft in four sections. I then coated the least 5 inches of hair in each section with my L’oréal Paris Damage Erasing Balm and secured the section with a bobby pin. I put on m plastic cap and it sit in my hair for about an hour without heat.

Shampoo: I washed my hair in four sections. I shampooed, rinsed and repeated on each section.

Deep Conditioner: I then applied my Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair DC to each section at the roots and then the hair shaft. I coated the conditioner with my Africa’s Best Growth oil and twisted each section. I placed all four sections in my plastic cap and sat under my Gold N’ Hot Deep Conditioning Cap for 30 mins. I rinsed each section while detangling with my shower comb under running water.

Drying: I placed my hair in two loose twists and dried it using the t-shirt method for about half an hour.

Styling: I sectioned my hair into four sections: two at the back and two at the front. I divided the two sections at the back in two two further sections to get four sections in total at the back. I then moisturized and sealed  each of theses sections using the LCO method where I used my Creme of Nature Argan Oil Leave-In, my ORS HAIRepair Intense Moisture Cream and my Brazillian Keratin Spray Treatment Hair Oil. After which, I wrapped each section unto a flexi-rod and secured. I repeated the same moisturizing process for the two sections at the front except I divided each section further  into three sections so that I had 6 sections in total. I wrapped each onto a flexi-rod and allowed my entire head to dry for the remainder of the day and overnight. Here’s the results:

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Overall thoughts: When prepooing without heat for an hour I noticed that my hair responded almost as it did when I heated my oil mix first.Washing my hair in is four section method as wells as applying my DC is going great! It reduces tangles and knots, frizz and my hair is just easier to work win especially with all this new growth. I had no idea what to do with my hair this week so I turned to my trusty flexi rods. My hair did not completely dry even though it was in the flexi rods for over 15 hours…. And I have no idea why! I’m not sure if it’s just the thickness of my hair or if I need to allow my hair to t-shirt dry a little longer before setting it. However the results still turned out to be wearable. My shedding is where it should be for 12 weeks post but because I stopped my black tea rinses due to lack of time and laziness, I think my hair has the potential to shed less.



3 thoughts on “Wash Dayaries #13- When in doubt, Curl it Out!

    • I didnt do anything to make my pony fuller… Just slipped a ponytail holder into my hair and voila! I attribute the fullness of my ponytail to my hair’s thickness ….. Thanks though 😄

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