Set It and Forget it Series: Loose Flexi Rod Set+ New Years Eve Party Hair!

imageHave you ever flat ironed your hair and it got to about a week old and no matter how much you shake or wrap it….. It fell DEAD straight! Annoying right?? But if you on your hair journey…. Using a curling iron is not the best option for bounce as it uses more heat application to hair. Sooooooo…. What do I do? Flexi- Rods! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

So I was in that exact same predicament today because I relaxed and flat ironed my hair a week ago but when I went to style my hair the day before my New Years Eve party it was flat and lifeless. So I did that set and I absolutely love this style! It makes me fall in love with my hair all over again. So much so that… I took a million pictures of it before I went to the party which you can see right there 👇

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have no idea how to style your hair for your New Years Eve party you get inspired and enter 2015 with a bang! Happy New Year 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊


Relaxer Day 2 with Miss Tress!


Happy Holidays everyone! I relaxed my hair on December 23rd at 16 weeks post. I just wanted to stretch my relaxer to as close to Christmas as possible which I achieved. Wanna see what I did and what changed from  my previous relaxer…..let’s get to it then!

My shedded hair!

My shedded hair!

As you may or may not know, my mom, who is a professional hairdresser does my relaxers. So in order to prep my hair, I had to detangle and oil my hair! It was in a 6 day old Braidout so detangling was not super “do-able” but after brainstorming I decided to mix my Africa’s Best Growth Oil and some water in an applicator bottle as my detangling aid.

My hair in braids

My hair in braids

This acted as an awesome lubricant for my hair, gave it tons of slip and allowed me to detangle easily enough. I would highly recommend adding water to your oils when detangling as pre-poo, hot oil treatment etc. I also must say that at 16 weeks post and 6 days post combing  my hair, I shed an understandable amount of hair. I then placed my hair in four braids and left it for the time being.

imageBy detangling and oiling my scalp prior to my relaxer, I experienced an alarmingly small loss of hair during the process, which I was quite contented about. I used the Kids Organics Olive Oil Hair Softening System and my results were straight but still had some body. After using my neutralizing shampoo, I deep conditioned my hair with my Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair DC for about 20-30 minutes, rinsed, and air dried until my hair was 80% dry.

My mom them blowdried using the Carols Daughter Cupaçu Blowdry Cream and flat ironed at 350 degrees using the Carols Daughter Macadamia Hair Serum and Organix Macadamia Dry Styling Oil. These were my results:

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I noticed am increase in my hair’s thickness which I loved! I saw it in my ponytails as they got fuller compared to my previous relaxer day which you can see here👉

However, my ends desperately need that trim which I plan to get in January. I am quite happy with my length and was considering maintaining this length but I am just curious to see how far my hair can grow so my journey continues!  I am also loving how my layers are growing out and evening up my hair. Overall, I think it was a pretty good relaxer day and I am proud of my progress thus far which you can check out


Set It and Forget It ! Series: The Braidout

Hey all! So we all know sometimes, straight hair isn’t the preferred style for anyone, so I am going to be continuing this series showing texture style tutorials that can be achieved on relaxed hair. I will continue the series with one of the most common styles known to women ; the Braidout, a staple technique in the hair journeys of both relaxed and naturals that is super quick and easy.

Super Cute Fishtail Braids!

What’s up guys? So, I have began exercising at my home gym….. And most of us need cute working out hairstyles. This is also a great low-manipulative style for a really casual event and cam easily be transformed into an elegant protective style. Not to mention, it looks like if you put hours into your hair when you really put in like 5 minutes but shhhhh! I won’t tell anyone if you won’t 😏

The finished product (forgot to take a picture) is super cute! You have a nice curl at the ends of the braid and you can also accesorize it with a headband, sweatbamd or even a floral clip etc. Enjoy!

One Lovely Blog Award!

Hello everyone!! I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season. This post is LONG overdue but better late than never, right? So, here goes nothing.

Firstly, I would like to thank Jcee who you can catch up with over at her blog for my nomination….. I appreciate it sooo much!

The rules are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award and provide a link to their blog (Check!)

2. Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog (Check!)

3. Share 7 facts or things about yourself. (I’ll get to that soon)

4.Nominate 15 bloggers that you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog (OH! how tideous but with pleasure I shall do it)

7 Facts About Ms.Tress

1. Christmas is my favourite holiday. I just think its an exquisite time of year that brings families together. Not to mention, the gifts and food!

2.I hate extremely sweet fruits, for example, I prefer a tangy orange over an extremely sweet one. It just tastes weird to me, as if, its almost spoilt.

3. My bathroom is my favourite room in my house. I spend countless hours in there; doing my hair, treating myself to a facial, doing my nails etc. I just think its a really calm and serene place where I can relax and reflect.

4.I love to begin things on a Monday because I feel its more organized that way. eg. If i am going to start exercising etc.

5.I am 5″3 and I love it! Honestly, I prefer being short because I think tallness looks better on males.( No hate to the Tall girls though… You all are beautiful,No wonder you are the models!)

6.My biggest fear is that my mom will die and leave me.. It scares me so much that I secretly (well not secretly anymore) ask God to take me along with her. Even though I know its a really selfish wish, I am trying to work on my acceptance of that sad, sad day in my life to come.

7.I sometimes zone out during conversations and just nod at whatever the person is saying, wether the converstaion is boring or not.

I nominate: