Set It and Forget It ! Series: The Braidout

Hey all! So we all know sometimes, straight hair isn’t the preferred style for anyone, so I am going to be continuing this series showing texture style tutorials that can be achieved on relaxed hair. I will continue the series with one of the most common styles known to women ; the Braidout, a staple technique in the hair journeys of both relaxed and naturals that is super quick and easy.


7 thoughts on “Set It and Forget It ! Series: The Braidout

  1. I did a braid out on the weekend but had to moisturize my hair as it felt dry and crunchy so i did not get to go a week with the curls as i had wanted to. did you apply the products to the individual cornrows that you did. I did use a moisturizer before doing my cornrows and oil to seal but i am wondering if i did not use enough moisturizer on the sections. i spritz with water that the curls would set.

    • When setting a style, I am usually very heavy-handed on my product and I apply my moisturizer to each section that I braid so that the moisture can last for a week. However, if I must re-moisturize, I simply rebraid my hair at night during the week. Maybe you should try using a thicker moisturizer or just applying more of the one that you are using currently

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