Q-Redew Hair Steamer: First Impressions and Review

So since last year, I have seen tons of reviews on this product all over YouTube. My first knowledge of the tool was from the Mo Knows Hair channel. It’s name is pretty self explanatory as it steams your hair. So I finally decided to purchase it on Amazon  at the beginning of the year and I’ve been meaning to get this post out since……..

So as I excitedly collected my package from the delivery dude, (luckily it wash wash day), I hurriedly opened it up and i first noted the packaging. It was super neat and simple. The user guide made usage an effortless feat and who wouldn’t love a warranty! So the first step is to detach the bright green water compartment, which wasnt too hard to do and fill it with water, then re-attach and plug it in ! SUPER SIMPLE, RIGHT?

So after plugging it in, I left it for about 5-10 minutes to heat up and get those steam juices going and then I began on my first of four sections. I pressed the on button and massaged the prongs into my scalp, carefully not leaving it in one area (It burns!… I found out the hard way) and passed the prongs throughout my hair strands. I then proceeded to add my oils and deep conditioning mix to the section and continued with this process until I completed all the sections. After washing out my hair, it felt indescribably soft and the best part, almost completely tangle-free. I could feel the moisture boost within my strands and from then I knew that this was an incredible investment in my hair’s health.

What do I think now that I’ve been using this tool for 6+ months?

Every time I use  this steamer I fall in love with it all over again. It is super easy to use and clean which I love. I have seen an improvement  in my hair’s elasticity with the use of this steamer as well as its ability to hold moisture. Its prongs gently detangles  my strands without pull out and of course, my hair is soft and my cuticles are opened in preparation to absorb my deep conditioning mix! I utilize my steamer weekly prior to deep conditioning my hair. I definitely give it two thumbs up, five stars and my undivided my appreciation for its aid in my wash day! I would recommend it to all hair textures, styles, types etc.

Quick Recap? Sure!

  1. Easy to use
  2. Refreshes dry dull hair by adding moisture with the use of water/steam
  3. Attached prongs detangles hair and increases manageability
  4. Opens cuticles to allow easy absorption of product

As with any thing that has pros, there are cons! I would say that this product doesn’t have many but nonetheless I will share my dislikes

  1. Burns scalp when left in one area for too long
  2. The steam condenses to water during use and may burn if caution is not exercised
  3. Makes a loud noise during use

The pros from this tool however outweighs the cons in my opinion because it provides super results! Definitely a must try


Let’s Start this Chapter with a Hair Trim!


Its funny how great a difference a few unkempt ends can make!  So i finally got around to trimming my hair and boy am I glad I did. My hair feels completely renewed and ready to make a change. I trimmed approximately one-quarter inch off my ends in total. I simply sectioned my hair from ear to ear starting from the back of my head until I got to the top. When I went through my entire head, I neatened the ends to make them as even as possible, given my layers. Here are the results:

2015 Hair Plans and Goals

Hello people!!!! Its a New Year and I cant remember if i said this already in a previous post but Happy New Year!!!!

This month of January has been one in which I am planning my 2015 hair journey and my whole approach to my hair so please forgive the absence of Washdayaries while I put my regimen into full effect and ensure that I can stick to it for the entire year! I will resume these posts in February after I have completed my trial month for my regimen.

Now for my hair goals:

1. MBL by the end of the year

2. Grown out layers

3. Healthy ends

4. Find the perfect regimen and all my staple products.

How do I plan to achieve this, you ask? Well….

1.  Biotin- I have started taking 1,000 mcg biotin daily because I have a pretty fast growth rate as is and I just want to maintain it and strengthen my new growth. Plus, I hate taking extremely large pills so 5,000 and 10,00 mcg pills are a definite no! I may consider it as the year proceeds if i feel like I want to kick my regimen up a notch. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do right?

2. Exercise and Diet- I have planned to begin my workout sessions and daily fruit smoothies from February. I have decided not only to tackle my hair’s health from the outside but from the inside as well! I am also gonna try really hard to drink sufficient amounts of water but to be honest… sometimes I just forget.

3. Stick to my regimen- I have never fallen off my regimen super bad before but I know that I need to commit a little more with my daily moisturizing and sealing etc. I also get bored very easily and that’s why I get lazy sometimes but there’s no room in 2015 for that! I also want to find my staples in 2015 because this year, in April, will make my hair journey 2 yrs old and only having one staple product is a bit unacceptable in my book. I think my hair needs some more stability and consistency in that area so I will be splurging in products in an attempt to find the perfect one in each area of my regimen.

4. Challenges- This has never been a thing of mine but since I am trying new things in order to perfect my hair regimen, I am trying some challenges. MY first challenge is the inversion challenge and I will be doing it nightly for the last week of each month (details to be soon posted).

So that’s what I have come up with!!! I hope that you all have targeted your 2015 hair goals as well as your plans to achieve them. If not, you better get started, girl! What are your goals? Any ideas on how I could better achieve mine? Comment and let’s chat it out!

👏The Miss Tress 2014 Hair Awards👏

Happy New Year!!! 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊😁 As I begin this new chapter in my life and hair journey, I would like to review the past chapter because as we all know, in order to move forward, we must embrace our backward. So I thought I would reflect on my past year in a fun way…. And I came up with the hair awards. So I hope everyone’s well dressed and ready for some awards!

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