Yes! I’m Alive!

Heyyyyy guyssssss! Sitting here typing on my blog is seems like a super foreign concept to my brain but I am also ecstatic to be back. I have no excuses, just the truth……. School, Social Life, Family! Anyway the past is in the past and hopefully I can make blogging a common part of my schedule once more. So what have I been up to since you saw me last? Well…..

First of all, I felt as if the Miss tress blog needed a new appearance to celebrate my return LOL! so definitely check it out!

I also recently started an IG page to make hair blogging a little easier and more flexible with my academic schedule……. so stop everything that you’re doing and follow me on IG right now @miss_tress123 for daily posts, FAQs, Hair Tips, Hair Pictures Overloads and much more!!!!!!!

Now unto my hair…..

So I last posted in January and since then i have gotten one relaxer on April 19th when I also did a bigger trim on my hair simply because I was unhappy with my ends. It took me back to grazing BSL but my hair was super blunt, thick and healthy which you can see here ( ). Currently I am 16 weeks post relaxer and I am planning to relax somewhere between 19-20 weeks post in the hopes of seeing some G-R-O-W-T-H! I must admit, however, that this stretch is going quite well. My regimen and products has changed over the course of the year thus far so I must attribute the ease of my new growth to that. Of course, Ill be sharing my new regimen with you very soon. My hair is getting thicker which I absolutely love.

I also wish to resume my washday posts in order to continue my tracking and documentation of my progress but you can also lookout for product reviews, collaborations, hair tutorials, relaxer updates, tons of hair information and I would also like to venture into GRWM posts.

I absolutely missed this thrill of typing all things hair and Im extremely happy to be back!!!!!!


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