First Impressions Review: VitaGoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

Simply amazing! is the thought that floods my mind when I consider this tool. This product spread like wild fire across the healthy hair community and I was more than excited to try it upon seeing the countless great reviews of it throughout Youtube so I purchased one on the every trusty Amazon for only […]

Wash Dayaries 15-Less is More!

(Disclaimer: This post is 1 week late due to a super busy schedule and my forgetfulness but it was created  on my washday last week) Hey Guys! SO washday has rolled around once again and I am the furthest from frustrated because i have no new growth and my hair is super manageable and tolerable […]

Wash Dayaries 14- The Honeymoon Phase

Hey all! So I have decided to resume my well-appreciated, weekly,  wash day diaries and today  has been my first wash since my last relaxer. As you may or may not know, my wash day is usually Sunday, which I chose mostly for convenience due to my hectic weekly schedule that comes with being a […]

Relaxer Day 3 With Miss Tress!

Sooooooo relaxer day finally rolled around and this stretch concluded at 20 weeks post! And I’ll just say from now that I’ll never get this far into a stretch EVER AGAIN! Boy was this hard work! My new growth was super thick and that’s one of things I love most about relaxer day… I can […]