First Impressions Review: VitaGoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

Simply amazing! is the thought that floods my mind when I consider this tool. This product spread like wild fire across the healthy hair community and I was more than excited to try it upon seeing the countless great reviews of it throughout Youtube so I purchased one on the every trusty Amazon for only $20.00 US which i found to be quite good for a product of such quality.

As it arrived, I ecstatically ripped it out of its packaging and beheld this!


Firstly, I chose a mint colour which I absolutely adored and  I enjoyed the fact that its uses and benefits were clearly stated on the front of the packaging so that I could easily be made aware of what I would get out of this tool, so I’ll tell you my experience with each advantage.

1. Promotes a Healthier Scalp – Well I have never been one to suffer with an unhealthy scalp or scalp diseases so I cant comment on this particular benefit however, after I have used it for a while I can make comparisons on the improvement of my scalp, if any, which I will be doing in the future.

2. Helps Control Dandruff- I would believe that this benefit is connected to the first and since I have never had dandruff, then I have no experience to share. However, my mother, who has a dry, flaky scalp used it and she noticed a change so  I believe that it works well on such scalp issues. She is natural so she really enjoyed accessing her scalp without the excess hair manipulation.

3. Lifts Away Dead skin Cells- Yes! Yes! and YES! Within the first seconds of using this product, the vibrations that it produced began to exfoliate my scalp and after shampooing my hair, my scalp felt like it got a chance to breathe! I honestly never felt such a clean sensation on my scalp and I must attribute it to the removal of the dead skin cells that may have clogged my pores, which leads me to agree with its fourth benefit, 4. Massages and Invigorates Your Scalp!

5.Waterproof- Now on my first use, water did enter the clear base of the tool and I grew worried but I believe that I didnt secure it properly as I dont have that problem right now when using it.

So some other things to consider when purchasing/using this product:

1. It is battery-operated (1 battery)

2. The vibrations are not painful or discomforting

3. You must circulate and move the product around your head to experience a clean scalp. It will NOT clean your scalp if you just place it on your hair and allow the vibrations to occur.

4. It is travel-sized and very easy to use… the simple press of a button!

5. Its elongated prongs allow you to access your scalp without manipulation of your hair shaft, therefore limiting tangles and breakage.

I definitely recommend this product to all ladies of all hair types! Its affordable and efficient so I rate it 5 stars!

Have you tried the VitaGoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush? What was your experience?

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Hope this was beneficial to you

Xo- Miss Tress


Wash Dayaries 15-Less is More!

(Disclaimer: This post is 1 week late due to a super busy schedule and my forgetfulness but it was created  on my washday last week)

Hey Guys! SO washday has rolled around once again and I am the furthest from frustrated because i have no new growth and my hair is super manageable and tolerable so lets start!

I steamed my hair in four sections using my Q-Redew Hair Steamer and applied my moisturizing DC mix ( Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Hair Mask, Creme of Nature Intensive conditioning Treatment, Profective MegaStrength Deep Conditioner , Coconut oil, Castor oil,  Africa’s Best Herbal Oil, Tea Tree Oil and 1 cup of water). I twisted each section and left in on without heat for approximately 2 hours.

I then proceeded to shampoo my hair in two sections using the Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum shampoo with my Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush which provided great lather and cleansed my scalp perfectly. I followed up with the Mirabelle Plum and VO5 Raspberry Conditioners on both sections and sealed with the Africa’s Best Herbal Oil. I covered my hair with a cap once more and let it sit for 15 minutes, prior to rinsing with cold water.

Once out of the shower, I t-shirt dried with a cotton t-shirt for about 2 hours and set my hair in 8 jumbo flexi-rods ( about 1.25″ diameter)  using my Creme of Nature Leave in Conditioner Spray, Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk styling Butter, Creme of Nature Style and Shine Foaming Mousse and Carols’s Daughter Black Vanilla Pure Hair Oil.

I really didnt feel like sititing under the hot hell that is my hooded dryer so i simply left the rods overnight to airdry. As expected the next morning, the curls were about 90% dry and I had no style ideas besides a bun so I whipped out some bobby pins and my creativity and my wash day concluded with these results:

I got so many compliments and all I did was pull my hair to the side, roll and pin it into place and i pinned my grown out bangs last to give a slightly feathered effect.

Do you have any effortless styles that you love? I would love for you to share it with me!

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Hope You Enjoyed!

XO -Miss Tress

Wash Dayaries 14- The Honeymoon Phase

Hey all! So I have decided to resume my well-appreciated, weekly,  wash day diaries and today  has been my first wash since my last relaxer. As you may or may not know, my wash day is usually Sunday, which I chose mostly for convenience due to my hectic weekly schedule that comes with being a full time student. Anyway, this wash day was sooooooo stress-free which I mostly attribute to having 0% new growth, so as usual, let me update you on whats going on……

Washday 1

Relaxer Stretch Period : 2 weeks post relaxer

Focus: Protein

I decided to focus on protein this week in order to rebuild and restregthen my strands after their traumatic experience, that is, a relaxer touch-up since the chemicals break down the keratin structure of our strands. So I began with a deep condition session in which I used my protein DC mix ( Carol’s Daughter Monoi Hair Mask, ORS Hair Mayo, ORS Replenishing Conditioner, Profectiv Megastrength Deep Conditioner, Coconut Oil, Tea-tree Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil and Africa’s Best Herbal Oil) and applied it to my hair shaft only in four sections which I later made into two big sections. I covered with a plastic cap and let it sit for about 30 minutes to an hour.

I then proceeded to Shampoo my hair in the two sections using the Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo and exfoliated my scalp with Vita Goods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush which I used for the first time today. (First Impressions Review up next!) My scalp was mostly clean and so I followed up with the Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner, coating my strands with it and applying the VO5 Raspberry Conditioner ontop for added slip. I covered my hair once more for about 20 minutes and rinsed in cold water after, detangling with my wide tooth comb under the shower. My hair felt quite sleek and soft and so I was contented.

Out of the shower, I used the t-shirt method to dry my hair to 50% for about 2 hours. Upon removal of the t-shirt, my felt a bit limp but I remembered that I had just infused loads of protein and so it was to be expected. I then sectioned my hair off into 8 sections to use my flexi-rods. The flexis I used were 7/8″ because I set my hair weekly in big curls for easy manageabilty different style options and mainly to add volume to my hair. Once I started applying product to my hair, the limpness left almost instantly! I used, in the following order, my Creme of Nature Leave- In Conditioner, Creme of Nature Style and Shine Foaming Mousse, Carols Daughter Hair Milk Styling Butter and Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Pure Hair Oil.

I then sat under the dreaded hooded dryer for an hour and left my hair in the rods overnight. The next Morning I coated my hands in the Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Repairing Oil which added shine to my curls, fluffed and styled.

The only thing that I wasnt super happy with during this wash day was my shedding.Even though it wasnt much, I feel as though it was too much for freshly relaxed hair which had just undergone a protein treatment so I am working to figure out the cause of my shedding. Nonetheless I cant stress how happy I am with my hair and Im so glad to be back in the relaxer honeymoon phase (between 1-4 weeks post)! Of Course, here are some pictures……..

image image image image

Relaxer Day 3 With Miss Tress!


Sooooooo relaxer day finally rolled around and this stretch concluded at 20 weeks post! And I’ll just say from now that I’ll never get this far into a stretch EVER AGAIN! Boy was this hard work! My new growth was super thick and that’s one of things I love most about relaxer day… I can feel my scalp again. But I must also say that it was worth it because I did see an improvement in my hair however, I think I may have stumbled upon my first hair journey setback which we will discuss at the end with the pictures….

As usual, I began my relaxer day by detangling my hair in four sections with an oil. This time I used the Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil and the shedding was the expected amount for 20 weeks post hair that hadn’t been combed for a week so I wasn’t very worried. You may or may not know, but my mom does my relaxers as she is a professional hairdresser! Lucky me! I used the Organics Kids Texture Softener (my staple relaxing system) and we began the process of application in three sections (two at the front and one at the back) which was done using a relaxer brush. With all this new growth, of course I used the entire jar and then it was left to process for almost 15-20 minutes.

We proceeded to wash the relaxer out with hot water as it cleans the shaft faster and more thoroughly and followed up with the neutralizing shampoo which was also a tad insufficient for my new length and thickness but it was enough to stretch so we didnt have such a huge problem. Next came the deep condition which we did with the light protein treatment that came in the relaxer system as well as the Carols Daughter Mirabelle Plum Hair mask and sealed with the Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil. I sat under the hooded dryer for 15 minutes to add heat to the deep condition which would help the product’s penetration in the hair shaft.


I simply rinsed afterwards with cold water to close the hair shaft and applied my Creme of Nature Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner and the 7n1 Treatment and revisited the hooded dryer for 25 minutes and left my hair to airdry the rest of the way.

So after airdrying, my mom skipped blow drying because my hair airdried pretty smooth and began to flat iron using the X Infiniti Pro by Conair flat iron. She also applied the John Frieda Frizz Ease Touch Up Creme and the Carol’s Daughter  Macadamia Heat Protectant and flat ironed my hair in 1″ sections which took about 1 hour. And of course…. the finished result!!!!!!!!

So based on the pictures I took, I realized that I got a very little amount of breakage from the long stretch but breakage nonetheless so I have decided to return to my 12-16 week stretch duration but other than that I am quite happy with my hair. I defintely see that I have returned to BSL which I am ecstatic about and I cant wait to get to MBL!

Before I forget…. I had never done a length check before so out of curiosity… Here’s my results!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And thats it for my relaxer day!! Check out my hair progess page to see how far I’ve come and thanks for reading… Hope you enjoyed it! DOnt forget to follow me for many more posts and follow my IG for tons of hair pictures and mini updates

XO – Miss Tress