Relaxer Day 3 With Miss Tress!


Sooooooo relaxer day finally rolled around and this stretch concluded at 20 weeks post! And I’ll just say from now that I’ll never get this far into a stretch EVER AGAIN! Boy was this hard work! My new growth was super thick and that’s one of things I love most about relaxer day… I can feel my scalp again. But I must also say that it was worth it because I did see an improvement in my hair however, I think I may have stumbled upon my first hair journey setback which we will discuss at the end with the pictures….

As usual, I began my relaxer day by detangling my hair in four sections with an oil. This time I used the Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil and the shedding was the expected amount for 20 weeks post hair that hadn’t been combed for a week so I wasn’t very worried. You may or may not know, but my mom does my relaxers as she is a professional hairdresser! Lucky me! I used the Organics Kids Texture Softener (my staple relaxing system) and we began the process of application in three sections (two at the front and one at the back) which was done using a relaxer brush. With all this new growth, of course I used the entire jar and then it was left to process for almost 15-20 minutes.

We proceeded to wash the relaxer out with hot water as it cleans the shaft faster and more thoroughly and followed up with the neutralizing shampoo which was also a tad insufficient for my new length and thickness but it was enough to stretch so we didnt have such a huge problem. Next came the deep condition which we did with the light protein treatment that came in the relaxer system as well as the Carols Daughter Mirabelle Plum Hair mask and sealed with the Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil. I sat under the hooded dryer for 15 minutes to add heat to the deep condition which would help the product’s penetration in the hair shaft.


I simply rinsed afterwards with cold water to close the hair shaft and applied my Creme of Nature Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner and the 7n1 Treatment and revisited the hooded dryer for 25 minutes and left my hair to airdry the rest of the way.

So after airdrying, my mom skipped blow drying because my hair airdried pretty smooth and began to flat iron using the X Infiniti Pro by Conair flat iron. She also applied the John Frieda Frizz Ease Touch Up Creme and the Carol’s Daughter  Macadamia Heat Protectant and flat ironed my hair in 1″ sections which took about 1 hour. And of course…. the finished result!!!!!!!!

So based on the pictures I took, I realized that I got a very little amount of breakage from the long stretch but breakage nonetheless so I have decided to return to my 12-16 week stretch duration but other than that I am quite happy with my hair. I defintely see that I have returned to BSL which I am ecstatic about and I cant wait to get to MBL!

Before I forget…. I had never done a length check before so out of curiosity… Here’s my results!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And thats it for my relaxer day!! Check out my hair progess page to see how far I’ve come and thanks for reading… Hope you enjoyed it! DOnt forget to follow me for many more posts and follow my IG for tons of hair pictures and mini updates

XO – Miss Tress


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