Carol’s Daughter Product Haul! 

Hello! It’s that special time of year when my cupboard is running dry and I must restock! so of course, I ran to the sanctuary that is the Carols Daughter website and repurchased some my faves and my inner product junkie even decided to buy some new products! At the time of purchase they were having their end of the year sale (2015 that is) so I got a whole bunch of stuff for a really great purchase I must say!   

So firstly I repurchased the Mirabelle Plum Biotin Max Hydration Set along with the deep conditioner and if you read my  Top 10 Hair Products of 2015 post then you would already know how crazy I am about these three products but I must re-iterate how intensely moisturizing these products are and the loads of slip which they provide, not to mention its to die to scent! Moving on to the Monoi Repairing Set, now in the Top 10 Products of 2015, I told you guys how much I love this product but the only thing I would change is its packaging which is hard to use in shower! And surprisingly enough Carol’s Daughter heard my prayers and provided this huge packaging with Pumps! I couldn’t be happier and now I won’t be dreading using this in the shower! Also I repurchased the deep conditioner which would probably come as no surprise😂 

I also repurchased the Hair Milk Styling Butter which I want to work on because I feel as if it makes my hair soft and defined but not as moisturizes as I would like to so I am thinking of adding an oil or cream before I decide not to use it! 

And now for the new stuff!!!!!! 

I  wanted to try the Mirabelle Plum Leave in conditioner because I am no longer loving the Carols Daughter Monoi Leave in as it makes my hair a bit crunchy so I will only use it prior heat styling my hair and later down in my stretch when I need as much protein as possible so that my hair doesn’t break off. I also thought it would be good to have something to back up the Creme of nature leave in in case it goes out of stock again as it did last year and if it’s anything like rest of the products from this line, I know I wil love it! 

I also picked up the Black Vanilla Hair 4-n-1 Hair Combing Creme out of sheer curiosity p! Even though I love my current moisturizers I still think I haven’t found one that I can’t live without so I’m just playing around in the hopes of finding that one special moisturizer. 

Finally, I decided to try the Mirabelle Plum Hair Oil Treatment for my scalp massages. Usually I use a perfumed castor oil but I think it’s too thick for weekly scalp massages and I am not a big fan of its scent so I am going to try out this oil with my scalp massages or I might mix it with castor oil to thin it down and remove its scent! 

I will be reviewing the new products which I have tried soon and I love the not so new ones all the same!  As you can tell, I’m in love with Carols Daughter and I don’t think this love will ever die😁 I hope you enjoyed this post and it may have given you some ideas of products to try or any other information! Be sure to follow my blog for up to date posts of hair and fun as well as my IG page @miss_tress123 ! 

Love you guys 

-Miss Tress 🌺🎀💕🌸💁🏽🙆🏾💇🏾


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