Wash Dayaries #20- Amidst the madness….

And of course it time for me to update you guys on my washday for the week! This week I washed my hair on Monday instead of Sunday because I had a day off of school on Monday so I decided to wash my hair then. However, I had tons of work to do so I kept my washday VERY simple…. Well as simple as possible! 😂

I first began my deep conditioning my hair with my moisture deep conditioner mix in four sections which I did on Monday instead of letting it sit overnight. I didn’t use my q-renew steamer simply because I thought it was too much effort to whip it out and I was trying to be done with my work! I let my DC sit for about 2-3 hours while I did some more work and proceeded to washing. My hair felt so moisturizes after and it was tangle less!

I washed with the carols daughter Mirabelle Plum Shampoo and conditioner set which left my hair super soft, clean and sleek as usual! My shampoo finished during this wash though so I will be starting my new bottle soon! I left the conditioner on for about 5 minutes and then rinsed under cool water while detangling. My detangling session was quite good though. I saw a reduction in my amount of shedder hair which felt awesome and made me super happy. I t-shirt dried for the remainder of the day. 

I opted for a super simple style this week so even though my protective styling season hasn’t exactly rolled around yet….. I went straight Princess Crown Braids mainly because it’s super quick, cute and easy! So I moisturizd my hair in four sections using my Creme of nature Argan Oil Detangling Leave-in Spray, Carols Daughter Black Vanilla pure hair oil and I also wanted to try out my brand new Carols Daughter Black Vanilla 4n1 Combing Creme which I really like so far but I want to give it a few more tries before stating my final opinion! 

And that was it! A washday that was super duper easy and straightforward but maintained my hair’s balance and health. 

Take a quick look at my braids !


I hope you all enjoyed my super easy and fast washday! Don’t forget to follow my blog and my IG page @miss_tress123 to keep up to date with my hair journey while we have tons fun! 

Love ya 

-Miss Tress💕🌸💁🏽🎀🌺💇🏾🙆🏾



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