Wash Day #23: So What Now? 

Hey guys!!!! Disclaimer: This post is a little late because I am preparing for exams and I am superrrr busy.

So last week I washed my hair (as usual) but I didn’t want to do my princess crown braids because I had a party to attend on Saturday and I wanted a sleeker look. 

I firstly began by deep conditioning my hair for which I wanted to use my Q-Redew Hair Steamer, but to my displeasure, no steam came out of my steamer!! So I think it is jammed which I will try to rectify later on. So I was thinking what now? And I decided to apply my deep conditioner and use my trusty Gold N Hot Deep Conditioning Cap. I applied my protein deep conditioner mix and sat under my cap for abou an hour. 

I then proceeded to wash my hair in 2 sections using my Carols Daughtor Monoi Shampoo and Conditioner Set in warm water. I then Detangled under cool running water using my wide tooth comb. After I left the shower, I t-shirt dried for the rest of the day and didn’t realize how late it had been. Since I had a cold and couldn’t sleep with my hair as wet as it was, didn’t want to style my hair in Princess Crown Braids and had no idea what do , I was utterly confused. 

After a few moments, I decided to blowdry my hair. So I used my Creme of Nature Leave-in Conditioner, my Creme of Nature 7N1 Leave-in Treatment, Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-in and Organix Dry Argan Oil to achieve a soft, fluffy blowout. I applied the products in that order to each of four sections, lightly Detangled with my wide tooth comb, and blow dried my hair on high speed medium heat.  These were my results: 

My next task was to decide how I would style my  maintain the blowdry for the week so that I could style my hair for the part and this was my protective style of  choice:


And that concluded my wash day! However, since I am now entering the last four weeks of my stretch, I want to track my shedding during wash day since that is the only time I plan to Detangle my hair so here goes:

   And that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to follow my blog and my IG page @miss_tress123  for more hair fun.  

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Love It Or Leave It!?- Carol’s Daughter Product Reviews 

So a few weeks ago, I received my carols daughter shipment of products because as everyone knows …. I LOVE CAROLS DAUGHTER on my hair! Love! Love! Love! I decided to try a few new products from the line along with my new ones and as promised, here are my honest..brutally honest…. Lovingly honest….. Honest opinions! 

The Carols Daughter Mirabelle Plum Dual Oil Treatment  

So firstly, the packaging!  This product was relatively easy to access in terms of the bottle and cork… I mean I didn’t say to myself”Wow this is super easy to use!” But it wasn’t the worst that I have experienced. It had an amazinggggg scent, however, wow! When I placed it on my hands it had a nice runny consistency, not very thick at all which brings me to my point. This oil is superrrr lightweight! Which I absolutely adore. Now, I tried out this product as a hot oil treatment and me, being accustomed to oil-soaked, heavy, greasy hot oil treatment mixes of coconut oil , olive oil etc, was super surprised by the lightweight content of this oil. I was a bit skeptical when putting it on my hair as a hot oil treatment but after leaving it overnight, my hair felt ridiculously soft the following morning and I was delighted. 

However, this doesn’t ,mean that I will use this as a hot oil treatment again! I, use have oil mixes to do my hot oil treatments because I have thick , high density strands which need loads of coating. So these mixes not only nourishes my hair immensely but fully coats it in preparation for the stripping properties of my shampoos. In my opinion, this product is not of the sort. It doesn’t fully coat the hair, well my hair, as a hot oil treatment would be expected to do. So I do love this product and how moisturizing it is but I have decided to repurpose it for use as a mid-week hair sealant and a scalp massaging oil! So this is definitely a ❤️Love it!❤️

The Carols Daughter Black Vanilla 4-n-1 Combing Creme  

So I love me some moisture in my hair… I mean who doesn’t?!  But this product claims to go above and beyond and incorporate three other functions along with its moisturizing properties. So it firstly claims to Detangle hair which I can definitely agree with, my hair was very easy to Detangle with my wide tooth comb after I applied this product. As a result of this Property, it is also able to effectively carry out its second function, preps hair for manageable styling. I think it carries out this function the most effectively! My hair was super manageable and easy to style. Not forgetting the shine!!!!! It gave so much shine and luster to my hair so “check” next to its third function. 

However, the main function, the function I definitely anticipated, that is the moisturizing, was a bit disappointing for me. It did not provide any intense moisture for my hair, I felt as if it did moisturize my hair somewhat but very lightly, so my hair was a bit dry in some regions. However, I would love this product as a nice creamy leave in, just to prep my hair for styling but I would not use it as a daily moisturizer when I am further than 8 weeks post because my hair would need way more moisture to prevent breakage etc! I also love the easy use that comes with the packaging so I would say ❤️love it!❤️ for this product also.

The Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Leave in Conditioner 

I am in a love-hate relationship with this product! Let me elaborate….. I love it because it’s definitely better on my hair than the Carols Daughter Monoi Leave-in so I can use it as a new strengthening leave-in. It’s okay in terms of providing moisture and manageability. I also must mention that it works awesomeeeeeee together with the Black Vanilla 4n1 Combing Creme. 

However, I think everyone knows how obsessingly in love I am with my Creme of Nature Leave in Conditioner so NOTHING can do better than that product for me! Therefore I simply must give this product a second place in my leave-in conditioners as it doesn’t provide me with as much moisture and slip as Creme of Nature. I also don’t like the packaging because the nozzle on the pump  makes the product come out very concentrated in one spot whereas I prefer a mist that can spread all throughout my hair strands.  Apart from the this, I would say ❤️love it❤️

So I hope you enjoyed ,y little review and found the information helpful! If you have tried or want to try any of these products please let me know and I can learn some more information abut them because I just started using them. Anyway, don’t forget to like and follow me on the blog and IG @miss_tress123 for hair pics, information, tutorials and loads of fun! 

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Wash Dayaries #22- Run! Run! The New Growths are Coming !

Hey my lovelies! Well you know the routine…. New week new washday! So this week I washed my hair on Monday instead of Sunday simply because I had a day off from school so I had more time on my hands because Sunday I went out! However, I see new growth coming in so I am trying to manipulate my hair very little. This means that I kept my styling very simple which you would soon see!

I began by deep conditioning my hair using my moisture deep conditioner mix of Carols Daughter Mirabelle Plum Hair Mask, Creme of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment and my Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner together with my oils and a little bit of water. I left this on my hair without heat under a plastic cap for about 5 hours.

My Carols Daughter Mirabelle Shampoo and conditioner followed which I used on my hair in two sections. It was amazing as always . I must note though, that when detangling in the shower this week I saw less shed hairs which I feel is due to my new method of detangling. I used my wide tooth comb on my ends only however on the first few 3-4 inches, near my scalp, I Detangled with my fingers because I realized that when I scrub my scalp with the shampoo, those few inches of hair near my scalp gets the most tangled due to the manipulation of the fingers.

After rinsing my conditioner with cold water, I t-shirt dried for the rest of the day.  I then decided to moisturize and seal my hair so I tried my Mirabelle plum leave in conditioner for the first time together with my Carols daughter Black Vanilla combing Creme and coconut oil. The leave-in worked good on my hair , I like it but I feel as if since I love my Creme of Nature Leave in sooooo much, it’s hard for me to love another! So yes it worked great, it Detangled and softened my hair and it worked excellently with the Black Vanilla Combing Creme but it still comes in second place to my Creme of Nature Leave in!

For styling this week, I kept it superrrrr simple! My Princess Crown Braids came in handy so I’ve been rocking that this week and if you follow me or accustomed to my blogs and IG posts then you have seen this style a thousand timesssss so you can check it out on any of my social media and my blog posts.

However, let’s check out my new growth, which I think is quite a lot for being 7-8 weeks post:

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Wash Dayaries #21- Straight and Sleek 

Hey guys! So from the title,you probably already predicted that I flat ironed my hair this week! Let me begin by saying that heat is NOT my friend. I do not use it often……. BUT…. I had a concert to attend and I felt as if my outfit called for sleek hair so I decided to treat myself seeing that I usually keep up with my 3-4 annual heat passes most times. 

I began by doing a hot oil treatment which I saw as the perfect opportunity to try out my brand new Carols Daughter Mirabelle Plum Hair Oil Treatment! I applied it together with steam from my Q-redew  in four sections and let it sit in a plastic cap overnight. I must say that I absolutely love it! It’s super great and I can’t wait to tell you all about it in my product review coming up this week! My hair felt super soft the following morning and tangle free.

So I proceeded to wash and condition which I did in 2 sections using my Carols Daughter Monoi Hair Repair Set. This process wa super easy as usual with these products. My hair felt hydrated but strong and really really soft. Since my hair was already feeling soft and I had a few errands to run, I decided to skip my deep condition this week and proceeded to t-shirt dry for about 10-15 minutes. 

I then applied my Creme of Nature Leave in alongside some Organix Argan Oil and the Creme of Nature 7n1 Leave in Treatment in order to prep my hair for the heat and give me  stretched results on air drying. I air dried for the remainder of the day and proceeded to flat iron my hair in small sections . I used the John Frieda Anti-Frizz Secret Weapon Touch Up Creme and the Creme of Nature Hair Sheen Spray to flat iron and I love using these two products as my hair feels indescribably silky, it has loads of movement but it is still left soft and hydrated. And without further ado…. The results of my washday are:


  So there you have it folks….I flat ironed my hair this week and rocked it! I completely enjoyed it and got tons of compliments. It’s good to spoil your hair every once in a while! 

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