Wash Dayaries #22- Run! Run! The New Growths are Coming !

Hey my lovelies! Well you know the routine…. New week new washday! So this week I washed my hair on Monday instead of Sunday simply because I had a day off from school so I had more time on my hands because Sunday I went out! However, I see new growth coming in so I am trying to manipulate my hair very little. This means that I kept my styling very simple which you would soon see!

I began by deep conditioning my hair using my moisture deep conditioner mix of Carols Daughter Mirabelle Plum Hair Mask, Creme of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment and my Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner together with my oils and a little bit of water. I left this on my hair without heat under a plastic cap for about 5 hours.

My Carols Daughter Mirabelle Shampoo and conditioner followed which I used on my hair in two sections. It was amazing as always . I must note though, that when detangling in the shower this week I saw less shed hairs which I feel is due to my new method of detangling. I used my wide tooth comb on my ends only however on the first few 3-4 inches, near my scalp, I Detangled with my fingers because I realized that when I scrub my scalp with the shampoo, those few inches of hair near my scalp gets the most tangled due to the manipulation of the fingers.

After rinsing my conditioner with cold water, I t-shirt dried for the rest of the day.  I then decided to moisturize and seal my hair so I tried my Mirabelle plum leave in conditioner for the first time together with my Carols daughter Black Vanilla combing Creme and coconut oil. The leave-in worked good on my hair , I like it but I feel as if since I love my Creme of Nature Leave in sooooo much, it’s hard for me to love another! So yes it worked great, it Detangled and softened my hair and it worked excellently with the Black Vanilla Combing Creme but it still comes in second place to my Creme of Nature Leave in!

For styling this week, I kept it superrrrr simple! My Princess Crown Braids came in handy so I’ve been rocking that this week and if you follow me or accustomed to my blogs and IG posts then you have seen this style a thousand timesssss so you can check it out on any of my social media and my blog posts.

However, let’s check out my new growth, which I think is quite a lot for being 7-8 weeks post:

So hope you enjoyed! Be sure to follow my blog and IG page for more hair fun and information! See ya next week for another wash day diary !

Love ya!

-Miss Tress 💇🏾💕🙆🏾🎀💁🏽🌸🌺


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