Love It Or Leave It!?- Carol’s Daughter Product Reviews 

So a few weeks ago, I received my carols daughter shipment of products because as everyone knows …. I LOVE CAROLS DAUGHTER on my hair! Love! Love! Love! I decided to try a few new products from the line along with my new ones and as promised, here are my honest..brutally honest…. Lovingly honest….. Honest opinions! 

The Carols Daughter Mirabelle Plum Dual Oil Treatment  

So firstly, the packaging!  This product was relatively easy to access in terms of the bottle and cork… I mean I didn’t say to myself”Wow this is super easy to use!” But it wasn’t the worst that I have experienced. It had an amazinggggg scent, however, wow! When I placed it on my hands it had a nice runny consistency, not very thick at all which brings me to my point. This oil is superrrr lightweight! Which I absolutely adore. Now, I tried out this product as a hot oil treatment and me, being accustomed to oil-soaked, heavy, greasy hot oil treatment mixes of coconut oil , olive oil etc, was super surprised by the lightweight content of this oil. I was a bit skeptical when putting it on my hair as a hot oil treatment but after leaving it overnight, my hair felt ridiculously soft the following morning and I was delighted. 

However, this doesn’t ,mean that I will use this as a hot oil treatment again! I, use have oil mixes to do my hot oil treatments because I have thick , high density strands which need loads of coating. So these mixes not only nourishes my hair immensely but fully coats it in preparation for the stripping properties of my shampoos. In my opinion, this product is not of the sort. It doesn’t fully coat the hair, well my hair, as a hot oil treatment would be expected to do. So I do love this product and how moisturizing it is but I have decided to repurpose it for use as a mid-week hair sealant and a scalp massaging oil! So this is definitely a ❤️Love it!❤️

The Carols Daughter Black Vanilla 4-n-1 Combing Creme  

So I love me some moisture in my hair… I mean who doesn’t?!  But this product claims to go above and beyond and incorporate three other functions along with its moisturizing properties. So it firstly claims to Detangle hair which I can definitely agree with, my hair was very easy to Detangle with my wide tooth comb after I applied this product. As a result of this Property, it is also able to effectively carry out its second function, preps hair for manageable styling. I think it carries out this function the most effectively! My hair was super manageable and easy to style. Not forgetting the shine!!!!! It gave so much shine and luster to my hair so “check” next to its third function. 

However, the main function, the function I definitely anticipated, that is the moisturizing, was a bit disappointing for me. It did not provide any intense moisture for my hair, I felt as if it did moisturize my hair somewhat but very lightly, so my hair was a bit dry in some regions. However, I would love this product as a nice creamy leave in, just to prep my hair for styling but I would not use it as a daily moisturizer when I am further than 8 weeks post because my hair would need way more moisture to prevent breakage etc! I also love the easy use that comes with the packaging so I would say ❤️love it!❤️ for this product also.

The Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Leave in Conditioner 

I am in a love-hate relationship with this product! Let me elaborate….. I love it because it’s definitely better on my hair than the Carols Daughter Monoi Leave-in so I can use it as a new strengthening leave-in. It’s okay in terms of providing moisture and manageability. I also must mention that it works awesomeeeeeee together with the Black Vanilla 4n1 Combing Creme. 

However, I think everyone knows how obsessingly in love I am with my Creme of Nature Leave in Conditioner so NOTHING can do better than that product for me! Therefore I simply must give this product a second place in my leave-in conditioners as it doesn’t provide me with as much moisture and slip as Creme of Nature. I also don’t like the packaging because the nozzle on the pump  makes the product come out very concentrated in one spot whereas I prefer a mist that can spread all throughout my hair strands.  Apart from the this, I would say ❤️love it❤️

So I hope you enjoyed ,y little review and found the information helpful! If you have tried or want to try any of these products please let me know and I can learn some more information abut them because I just started using them. Anyway, don’t forget to like and follow me on the blog and IG @miss_tress123 for hair pics, information, tutorials and loads of fun! 

Love ya!

-Miss Tress 🎀💇🏾🌺💁🏽💕🌸🙆🏾


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