Wash Day #23: So What Now? 

Hey guys!!!! Disclaimer: This post is a little late because I am preparing for exams and I am superrrr busy.

So last week I washed my hair (as usual) but I didn’t want to do my princess crown braids because I had a party to attend on Saturday and I wanted a sleeker look. 

I firstly began by deep conditioning my hair for which I wanted to use my Q-Redew Hair Steamer, but to my displeasure, no steam came out of my steamer!! So I think it is jammed which I will try to rectify later on. So I was thinking what now? And I decided to apply my deep conditioner and use my trusty Gold N Hot Deep Conditioning Cap. I applied my protein deep conditioner mix and sat under my cap for abou an hour. 

I then proceeded to wash my hair in 2 sections using my Carols Daughtor Monoi Shampoo and Conditioner Set in warm water. I then Detangled under cool running water using my wide tooth comb. After I left the shower, I t-shirt dried for the rest of the day and didn’t realize how late it had been. Since I had a cold and couldn’t sleep with my hair as wet as it was, didn’t want to style my hair in Princess Crown Braids and had no idea what do , I was utterly confused. 

After a few moments, I decided to blowdry my hair. So I used my Creme of Nature Leave-in Conditioner, my Creme of Nature 7N1 Leave-in Treatment, Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-in and Organix Dry Argan Oil to achieve a soft, fluffy blowout. I applied the products in that order to each of four sections, lightly Detangled with my wide tooth comb, and blow dried my hair on high speed medium heat.  These were my results: 

My next task was to decide how I would style my  maintain the blowdry for the week so that I could style my hair for the part and this was my protective style of  choice:


And that concluded my wash day! However, since I am now entering the last four weeks of my stretch, I want to track my shedding during wash day since that is the only time I plan to Detangle my hair so here goes:

   And that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to follow my blog and my IG page @miss_tress123  for more hair fun.  

Love ya!

-Miss Tress💇🏾🎀🙆🏾🌸💁🏽🌺💕


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