Relaxer Prep 101

To my relaxed ladies out there; past, present and future, we all know the dangers of the well known “creamy crack”. And we know just as well, that if these dangers are not curbed and limited, then your hair will simply be a mess.  So I thought I would share the precautions which one must […]

Battle of the Cowashes: Creme of Nature vs. Carol’s Daughter

Hey guys! So as you may know, a few weeks ago, I got into co-washing my hair! For a while back, I had tried co-washing with the carols daughter cleansing conditioner and hated it! But recently, I took a leap of faith and tried the Creme of nature cleansing conditioner and to my surprise, fell […]

The 2 Minute Protective Style 

​​Hey guys! So this post is going to be in a bit of a different format. I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel but I do not have the courage. So I’ve decided to upload short videos here and there on my blog in an attempt to wean myself into the idea. This […]