Back Again?! 

Hey guyssssssss…..! Yes I know…. I’m a complete stranger by now😩 As I was coming to do this post, I saw that my last post had been uploaded 100 days ago!!!!! And my absolute honest, insufficient and unreasonable explanation is “Life happens.” However, in my absence I didn’t complete forget my blog…… I have been thinking about great post and series  ideas which I can’t wait to share and also.. My hair routine and my hair itself has changed quite a bit. With that being said, we definitely have alot to chat about!

So for this post, I thought I’d focus on my change and updates in my hair and hair regimen.

1. Cowashing- Okay, so this I had to mention first because it’s probably the most surprising and major change that occurred in the past 100 days! After myriads and myriads of failed attempts at cowashing, followed by continuous expressions that “Cowashing just isn’t for me”, I finally experienced the greatness of a good co-wash! And to top it all of, it was completely unplanned! So in the past few months, I was faced with tons of exams and projects which kept me super busy, so much so, washing my hair became secondary.

However, my hair began to shed and break due to dryness and neglect and I refused to watch all my hard work and inches go down the drain, so I needed a quick and easy solution! One day, I simply decided…. Okay I will just put conditioner on my hair every 3-4 days and rinse to retain some moisture. So when I began this plan, I started looking for a conditioner to do so and I came across the MAGICAL Creme of Nature Pure-licious Cowash in my mothers product cabinet and of course, my curiosity and inner product junkie got the better of me and so I decided to give it a try. From my first application and rinse, I fell completely in love and the rest is history😂!

Now I Cowash my hair once a week on a Thursday and wash my hair with my shampoo on a Sunday( or if I have limited time, I Cowash again). I will be doing a product demo and in depth review of this Cowash in a few weeks so look out for that!

2. My Hair Anniversary and Relaxer Update- So I relaxed my hair at the end of March when my 12 week stretch had concluded. I didn’t blow dry or flat iron my hair with this stretch because I was loving a jumbo flexi-rod set! Therefore, I don’t have a length check for this update but I have a few pics of my hair.

Freshly relaxed air dried hair


Jumbo Flexi-rod set

Shrunken Ponytail on Old Jumbo Flexi-Rod Set

I also celebrated my three year hair anniversary in April and I am so proud to say that I am grazing MBL hair at the end of my three years! I really wanted to do a post for my hair anniversary but hey! “Life happens”😂.I straightened my hair and did a length check for my hair anniversary however so I guess I can use that as my relaxer update length check since my hair anniversary and relaxer day was a week or two apart.

As you all can see, there’s not much of a length difference be uses I trimmed my hair during that stretch and was mainly focused on the health of my ends which I must say has significantly improved.

3. Protective Styling- Due to my busy schedule, I’ve also been protective styling A LOT! As you all know, Princess Crown Braids as I call them are my absolute favorite protective style and I wear them for almost anything! Not to mention how easy they are to manipulate because they can also double as a braid out! I’ve been wearing them every-single- day for the past 5-6 weeks but recently my scalp started to become a bit sore from the braids so I have switched it up with some buns etc. However, I really want to try to get to full MBL by the year’s end so I am protective styling like crazy!!! I am also trying to avoid daily manipulation to my hair so I’ve been moisturizing every two days and placing my hair in the same style. It’s been really really great to my hair! My shedding is at a minimum (even at 8 weeks post),  it’s extremely soft and manageable, not to mention real easy to Detangle and style!

4. Washing My Hair- Usually I used to wash my hair in sections, however, on days where I had limited time I started washing my hair going straight back all at once and I gradually noticed that I got less shedding this way. So obviously I was all for it- a super simple and easy way to wash hair that reduces time and shedding….Definitely!

Well guys, that’s about it for my hair update and changes. I am so glad to be back and I intend to be very active for these next three months so I hope we can have some hair fun together! I’ll be posting at least 3 times a week from now on and of course, my wash day series will resume weekly. I am super excited…😁😝✌🏾️

Thanks for reading…. Don’t forget to follow my blog and I deleted my old IG page so I’ll be doing a new one soon!

-Miss Tress 💕💇🏾🌸🎀💁🏽💕🙆🏾


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