The Best Protective Style Ever: Princess Crown Braids

So let me begin with a special shoutout to one of my most active followers….@teamsavingourstrands! This post is dedicated to you since you gave me the idea for this post with your request.

If you were one to follow my blog from its conception, and you previously followed my old IG account then you are no stranger to my absolute favorite protective style which I call Princess Crown Braids. Don’t let the name fool you…. It’s extremely easy and simple! 

In a nutshell, I moisturize,seal, create a side part, do two large cornrows around the perimeter of my head, tuck the ends of each braid under each other in the back of my head and then I slick my edges. 

Super easy!!!!! It’s an awesome protective style and I am going to tell you all the reasons why! 

1. It causes no breakage and no tension on the the hair and edges because your hair is in a huge, thick braid which lessens the pulling and tugging on the hair as would a bun since there are no hair ties.

2. It’s also very easy to preserve by simply sleeping on a satin bonnet or a satin scarf as a result, it can last for up to a week without manipulation. 

3.  You can easily moisturize and seal your ends without undoing the hairstyle because you can just take down the pins , unravel the ends of the braid, moisturize, seal , rebraid and reposition! This is great because even though your hair is in a protective style, it will not become super dry.

4. It’s super chic! Not only are many variations of this hairstyle being worn all over the world but it’s absolutely beautiful and effortless. It’s face framing and therefore accentuates any casual look. 

5. It doubles as a braid out! When unraveling both braids, you will soon realize that your hair has some luscious, well-defined waves which make for a super cute braid out.

Braid out? See for your self…..

I hope,you enjoyed this post and if you try this hairstyle definitely let me know! Follow me at my new IG account @iam_misstress and tag me so that I can see! Don’t forget to flow my blog also so that you never miss out on the fun! 

-Miss Tree 🙆🏾🌺🌸💇🏾💕🎀💁🏽


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