Wash Dayaries #25: Sticking at it! 

It’s time for another wash day! So I attended a pool party on Saturday and even though I took the necessary steps to reduce any damage and drying to my hair by the chlorinated water, as expected, my hair still felt super dry. So as soon as I got home on Saturday, I assembled my ammunition of hair products and got to work!

I sectioned my hair in four and decided to apply the Carols Daughter Monoi Anti-breakage Hair Mask to each section. I diluted the mask with some water as it was super thick and want spreading very well through my hair. I thought I would use it by itself simply to see how great it would perform on my hair alone. After coating my hair, I covered with a plastic cap and wrapped a satin scarf around my headband went straight to bed. 

The next morning. I shampooed with the Carol’s Daughter Monoi Shampoo and followed with the matching conditioner. On rinsing out the deep conditioner, I must admit that my hair felt super strong and for being 11 weeks post, my shedding was great! The shampoo and conditioner did their job as usual and wash day was going my way. 

I then t-shirt dried my hair for about 5-6 hours and finally got to styling in the evening. I wanted some cute curls but my laziness got the better of me so I did my jumbo flexi rod set using 5 jumbo flexi-rods using my Creme of nature Argan oil leave-in, Carol’s daughter hair milk styling butter, Lotta Body Setting Lotion and Creme of nature Argan oil treatment in that order! 

After a few hours, I realized that drying was taking forever #thickhairproblems, so I thought maybe an hour under my hooded dryer wouldn’t hurt! After taking down my rods before going to bed, I coated my hand with some Argan oil to reduce frizz and I was loving how soft and well defined my curls were! The dryer gave it a very smooth, sleek finish and I think I found a new favorite styling combo with the Carols Daughter Hair milk styling butter and the Lottabody Styling Lotion because my curls had an amazing hold but was not stiff or crunchy.  

I took this as the perfect opportunity to practice my pin curling so I pin curled each of the 5 sections to preserve my set, tied with a satin scarf and went to bed. I took it down this morning and I thought that the set was really nice but I still didn’t like it to the point where I felt the need to wear it down so I opted for a cute curly ponytail! 

My hair feels super soft and my new growth is moisturized! While touching my hair, I could hardly believe that I am 11 weeks post. I hope you enjoyed wash day with me this week. How was your wash day? Let’s chat. Don’t forget to follow my blog and follow me on IG @iam_misstress to keep up with the hair fun! 

-Miss Tress 💇🏾🎀💕💁🏽🎀🌸🙆🏾🌺


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