The 2 Minute Protective Style 

​Hey guys! So this post is going to be in a bit of a different format. I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel but I do not have the courage. So I’ve decided to upload short videos here and there on my blog in an attempt to wean myself into the idea. This thought came to me with the help of Yinka of the awesome healthynrelaxed blog! I want to say thank you for the inspiration girl! 

So for my first video, I wanted to share with you all my go to protective style when I’m in a rush for time and need a chic, cute look! It’s a simple side bun with an accent at the front which I hope you enjoy! 

If you try it, be sure to share it with me on IG @iammisstress and don’t forget to follow my blog for more hair fun! 

-Miss Tress 💁🏽🌺🎀💇🏾💕🌸🙆🏾


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