Battle of the Cowashes: Creme of Nature vs. Carol’s Daughter

Hey guys! So as you may know, a few weeks ago, I got into co-washing my hair! For a while back, I had tried co-washing with the carols daughter cleansing conditioner and hated it! But recently, I took a leap of faith and tried the Creme of nature cleansing conditioner and to my surprise, fell in love with it. Today, I decided to do my mid week Cowash with both conditioners in order to witness first hand the difference in performance so that I could further understand why I liked the Creme of nature brand and not the Carols daughter brand. Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and all views and opinions expressed are personal.

1. Packaging 

  • So the first thing I noticed were that both products came in 12 oz bottles which have pumps. I honestly dislike pumps in the packaging of hair products because I have dense, thick hair and I need a lot of product to coat my strands sufficiently. Therefore, pumps require a lot of extra energy in order to obtain an adequate amount of product and simply seems inconvenient to me. 
  • The packaging of the CON seemed more artistic, vibrant and expressive which I liked while the CD had a sleek, minimalistic appearance both of which were really nice, however, given my personality, I preferred the CD package as the CON package seemed a bit crowded in my opinion.

2. Claims 

  • CON claims to gently cleanse and remove product buildup which it definitely does as my scalp was extremely clean after washing, give exotic shine which I didn’t exactly notice a difference in , preserve hair color which I cannot really assess since my hair has never been color treated and remove frizz which I cannot agree with as the section washed with CON tended to be a bit mor frizzy than the side washed CD.
  • CD claims to deeply moisturize which I do not totally agree with as it moisturized my hair but not as intensely as the CON did , improve softness which it definitely did as it made my hair extremely smooth and manageable, prevent frizz which it did due to its smoothing property and therefore while airdrying the side cleansed with CD had less frizz, color safe which I cannot comment on as I do not have color treated hair, Detangles which it does but the CON has more slip and therefore Detangles better giving me less shedding and breakage and strengthens which it does due to its extremely useful ingredients.

3. Main ingredients 

  •  CON has Argan oil and Vegetable oil which conditions hair and provides shine,lactic acid which smooths hair and restores its strength and elasticity, and keratin which replenishes the hair’s natural protein.
  • CD has glycerin which attracts moisture from the environment to the hair shaft ,agave extract, which attracts moisture to the hair shaft and also strengthens it, absorbic acid which helps build protein and strengthens hair Shea butter which intensely moisturizes, biotin/ vitamin b5 which thickens hair, vitamin e which stimulates growth of the hair follicles and linoleic acid which maintains scalp health.

4. Directions 

  • Both products direct users to apply the product and massage it into the hair. Then leave it for 3-5 minutes and thoroughly rinse.

5. Application

  •  CON applies thicker and creamier than CD as it has more slip and therefore coated my hair strands especially my new growth easier than the CD.

6. Feeling after 5 mins 

  •  I ended up leaving the cowashes in my hair for about 20 minutes as I got caught up in my shower. However, as I rinsed out the CON my hair felt extremely moisturized especially my new growth while my hair felt super smooth but not as moisturized when rinsing out the CD.

7. Detangling Property

  • Both products Detangled my hair great however, I got a bit more shedding with the CD Cowash which was ironic since it claimed to strengthen hair.

8. Meeting its claims  

  • CON met all the claims except one which was its claim of removing frizz. 
  • CD met all the claims except two which were its claims of intense moisturization and detangling due to its lack of slip.

9. Usage of Products 

  • My hair feels really great when using both products honestly. However, I feel as though they would function better at different points in my stretch. Therefore, I decided to use the CD during my 1-6 wk post period as I would not require as much slip and detangling property and its smoothing property would enable me to wear my jumbo flexi-rod sets and other styles which require somewhat sleek hair.
  • Also I would use the 7-12 week post period as I would require and intense amount of moisture and slip which the CON provides. Even the CON promotes frizz, I usually wear my hair in protective styles during this phase and therefore it would not be as great of a problem.

10. Rating

Carols Daughter Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner : 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Purelicious Cleansing Conditioner: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Here are the results of the Cowash 



    I hope this post was useful and enjoyable! Comment below telling me about your experiences with these products and which you prefer. Don’t forget to follow my blog and my IG account @iammisstress for more hair info, styles and fun! 

    -Miss Tress 🙆🏾🎀💕💇🏾🌸🌺💁🏽


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