Change of Plans: No Washday! 

Hey guys! You may have noticed that I did not post a washday diary entry yesterday so I thought I would explain. I am attending two graduation ceremonies next week, one of which is on Tuesday and the other is on Thursday. My mom, who was previously a professional hairdresser always does my hair, and seeing that I need a relaxer, my mom will be doing it as usual and styling it for the graduation. We had originally planned to have my hair done over the coming weekend.

However,she is going on a mini vacation with her friends from Thursday of this week to Monday of next week and therefore she will be at home the day before the first ceremony! She has thus decided, to ensure that I get my hair done on time, that she will do it before she leaves for the trip which will be Wednesday,i.e, tomorrow! 

So instead of washing my hair, I am going to be preparing it for the relaxer today which I will of course, share with you all!


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