Cala Detangler Review 

Hey guys! So a few days ago I went back to my local beauty supply store P.S. I live there 😂 and since I liked the CALA Head Massager  so much, I thought I’d try out the CALA Detangler which was just as inexpensive as the head massager. It came in a variety of color  options, of which, I chose the pink. 

It has a curved structure which allows for easy grip and hold on the hands and also long and short prongs for thorough detangling and smoothing of the hair shaft.The claims made for this product were:

  • For wet and dry hair 
  • Revives shine 
  • Ensures healthy hair 
  • Easily Detangles 

So I tried the brush on both my wet and dry hair and it does excellently Detangle both hair types with minimal shedding and breakage. However, this was true on my freshly relaxed hair. When I tried the brush on 12 week post hair with tons of new growth, it failed to Detangle properly and it began to break my hair so I immediately stopped usage. 

It also claims to revive shine which I do not believe as I saw no change in my hair’s shine and I also believe that a brush doesn’t have such properties.However, it definitely Detangles my hair easily but only without new growth. 

As for its claim of healthy hair, I cannot comment because I have only been using the brush for two weeks which is a short period to notice a drastic change in my hairs health but I will say, like with any detangling tool, this has to be used from the ends of the hair to the root or else it will cause breakage which will deteriorate your hair’s health.

I would definitely use it again but only when my hair is flat ironed or during weeks 1-6 of my relaxer stretch when my new growth is minimal. Since I hardly ever Detangle my hair with a tool as I mostly use my hands, I don’t think using this product sometimes pj my hair would have a negative effect .Therefore, I would rate this product a “Love it!” 

Rating : 🌟🌟🌟

What was your experience with this product? Let me know below in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful and as always, don’t forget to follow my blog and my IG account @iam_misstresss to keep up with the hair fun as we grow inches one by one! 


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