Formal Hair Lookbook: Vintage Curls with Side Pin Accent 

Hey guys! Along our hair journey, we sometimes encounter formal events which require the appropriate hairstyle however super elaborate hairstyle may do more harm than good. So I wanted to simply share a few low manipulation hairstyles that can be used for any formal setting.

The first look is vintage inspired but it can also take a modern feel and  is extremely simple and beautiful. It involves the use of heat but using a heat protectant is extremely essential. I utilized the John Frieda Frizz Ease Styling Cream which doubles as a heat protectant and heat styling product to tame frizz and create a sleek look.

I began this hairstyle on week old flat ironed hair however, it can be done on any form of stretched hair. Tip! If you would like a more voluminous look, blow dried hair would be perfect for this style.

I did approximately one inch curls, using my ceramic Gold n Hot curling iron on 350 degrees throughout my entire hair and pinned each one after curling to allow them to cool and set in its curl for approximately 30 minutes. This gives the curls a longer durability, bounce and  volume.

After the curls set, I gently took them down and created a side part. I then proceeded to separate the curls slightly to increase the volume. Then, using the hair on the left side of the side part, I created a flat twist and secured with Bobby pins.

This step was optional but I used a vintage, silver, floral  hair comb to accentuate the twist and secure it at the side.

Take a look at the completed style!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s your favorite formal hairstyle? Share with me in the comments or tag me on IG! I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped it some way! Don’t forget to follow my blog and IG account @iam_misstress to keep up with the hair fun as we grow inches one by one!

-Miss Tress 💁🏽💕🎀💇🏾🌸🙆🏾


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