Wash Dayaries 14- The Honeymoon Phase

Hey all! So I have decided to resume my well-appreciated, weekly,  wash day diaries and today  has been my first wash since my last relaxer. As you may or may not know, my wash day is usually Sunday, which I chose mostly for convenience due to my hectic weekly schedule that comes with being a full time student. Anyway, this wash day was sooooooo stress-free which I mostly attribute to having 0% new growth, so as usual, let me update you on whats going on……

Washday 1

Relaxer Stretch Period : 2 weeks post relaxer

Focus: Protein

I decided to focus on protein this week in order to rebuild and restregthen my strands after their traumatic experience, that is, a relaxer touch-up since the chemicals break down the keratin structure of our strands. So I began with a deep condition session in which I used my protein DC mix ( Carol’s Daughter Monoi Hair Mask, ORS Hair Mayo, ORS Replenishing Conditioner, Profectiv Megastrength Deep Conditioner, Coconut Oil, Tea-tree Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil and Africa’s Best Herbal Oil) and applied it to my hair shaft only in four sections which I later made into two big sections. I covered with a plastic cap and let it sit for about 30 minutes to an hour.

I then proceeded to Shampoo my hair in the two sections using the Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo and exfoliated my scalp with Vita Goods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush which I used for the first time today. (First Impressions Review up next!) My scalp was mostly clean and so I followed up with the Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner, coating my strands with it and applying the VO5 Raspberry Conditioner ontop for added slip. I covered my hair once more for about 20 minutes and rinsed in cold water after, detangling with my wide tooth comb under the shower. My hair felt quite sleek and soft and so I was contented.

Out of the shower, I used the t-shirt method to dry my hair to 50% for about 2 hours. Upon removal of the t-shirt, my felt a bit limp but I remembered that I had just infused loads of protein and so it was to be expected. I then sectioned my hair off into 8 sections to use my flexi-rods. The flexis I used were 7/8″ because I set my hair weekly in big curls for easy manageabilty different style options and mainly to add volume to my hair. Once I started applying product to my hair, the limpness left almost instantly! I used, in the following order, my Creme of Nature Leave- In Conditioner, Creme of Nature Style and Shine Foaming Mousse, Carols Daughter Hair Milk Styling Butter and Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Pure Hair Oil.

I then sat under the dreaded hooded dryer for an hour and left my hair in the rods overnight. The next Morning I coated my hands in the Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Repairing Oil which added shine to my curls, fluffed and styled.

The only thing that I wasnt super happy with during this wash day was my shedding.Even though it wasnt much, I feel as though it was too much for freshly relaxed hair which had just undergone a protein treatment so I am working to figure out the cause of my shedding. Nonetheless I cant stress how happy I am with my hair and Im so glad to be back in the relaxer honeymoon phase (between 1-4 weeks post)! Of Course, here are some pictures……..

image image image image


Yes! I’m Alive!

Heyyyyy guyssssss! Sitting here typing on my blog is seems like a super foreign concept to my brain but I am also ecstatic to be back. I have no excuses, just the truth……. School, Social Life, Family! Anyway the past is in the past and hopefully I can make blogging a common part of my schedule once more. So what have I been up to since you saw me last? Well…..

First of all, I felt as if the Miss tress blog needed a new appearance to celebrate my return LOL! so definitely check it out!

I also recently started an IG page to make hair blogging a little easier and more flexible with my academic schedule……. so stop everything that you’re doing and follow me on IG right now @miss_tress123 for daily posts, FAQs, Hair Tips, Hair Pictures Overloads and much more!!!!!!!

Now unto my hair…..

So I last posted in January and since then i have gotten one relaxer on April 19th when I also did a bigger trim on my hair simply because I was unhappy with my ends. It took me back to grazing BSL but my hair was super blunt, thick and healthy which you can see here ( https://misstress1.wordpress.com/my-hair-progress/ ). Currently I am 16 weeks post relaxer and I am planning to relax somewhere between 19-20 weeks post in the hopes of seeing some G-R-O-W-T-H! I must admit, however, that this stretch is going quite well. My regimen and products has changed over the course of the year thus far so I must attribute the ease of my new growth to that. Of course, Ill be sharing my new regimen with you very soon. My hair is getting thicker which I absolutely love.

I also wish to resume my washday posts in order to continue my tracking and documentation of my progress but you can also lookout for product reviews, collaborations, hair tutorials, relaxer updates, tons of hair information and I would also like to venture into GRWM posts.

I absolutely missed this thrill of typing all things hair and Im extremely happy to be back!!!!!!

👏The Miss Tress 2014 Hair Awards👏

Happy New Year!!! 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊😁 As I begin this new chapter in my life and hair journey, I would like to review the past chapter because as we all know, in order to move forward, we must embrace our backward. So I thought I would reflect on my past year in a fun way…. And I came up with the hair awards. So I hope everyone’s well dressed and ready for some awards!

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One Lovely Blog Award!

Hello everyone!! I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season. This post is LONG overdue but better late than never, right? So, here goes nothing.

Firstly, I would like to thank Jcee who you can catch up with over at her blog http://jcceewatkinsbarney.com/2014/10/04/blog-awards-alert/ for my nomination….. I appreciate it sooo much!

The rules are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award and provide a link to their blog (Check!)

2. Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog (Check!)

3. Share 7 facts or things about yourself. (I’ll get to that soon)

4.Nominate 15 bloggers that you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog (OH! how tideous but with pleasure I shall do it)

7 Facts About Ms.Tress

1. Christmas is my favourite holiday. I just think its an exquisite time of year that brings families together. Not to mention, the gifts and food!

2.I hate extremely sweet fruits, for example, I prefer a tangy orange over an extremely sweet one. It just tastes weird to me, as if, its almost spoilt.

3. My bathroom is my favourite room in my house. I spend countless hours in there; doing my hair, treating myself to a facial, doing my nails etc. I just think its a really calm and serene place where I can relax and reflect.

4.I love to begin things on a Monday because I feel its more organized that way. eg. If i am going to start exercising etc.

5.I am 5″3 and I love it! Honestly, I prefer being short because I think tallness looks better on males.( No hate to the Tall girls though… You all are beautiful,No wonder you are the models!)

6.My biggest fear is that my mom will die and leave me.. It scares me so much that I secretly (well not secretly anymore) ask God to take me along with her. Even though I know its a really selfish wish, I am trying to work on my acceptance of that sad, sad day in my life to come.

7.I sometimes zone out during conversations and just nod at whatever the person is saying, wether the converstaion is boring or not.

I nominate:















Me? An Award!

Hey guys! Today I can’t even contain my excitement because Miss Tress blog has been nominated for the Liebster Award by the beautiful Danielle, also known by her gravatar name of aquasurf00 of the blog, No More Ugly Hair. I would really like to thank her for this award and I wish her best of luck over at her blog which you can check out here.  

*insert small emoticon celebration* 😊☺️😀😄😃⭐️👍✌️🍰🍪🎂🍦🍭🎵🎶🎧🎉🎊🎁🎈💝

Anyway, as most people in the world would do when they see, hear or experience something for the first time, I turned to my trusty friend Google for some info and I found that the Liebster Award is presented among the smaller blogging community (less than 200 followers), so that everyone can get to know each other in the blogging world! You must share 11 facts about yourself, answer 11 questions which were given to you by the person who nominated you and nominate 11 of your favourite blogs. So, let’s get started.

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

1. I have a phobia for food that is sweet. I mean, it’s just yuck. I think dessert should be sweet and food should be salty, spicy, zesty etc. So, your girl be having some serious problems with sweet potatoes and honey BBQ chicken!

2. My life’s goal is to find the cure for at least one type of cancer. (Quick Story! I had a serious case of food poisoning, so I went to the hospital and somewhere in between running my ivy and taking a blood test I got into a heated “debate” with my doctor on wether or not a cure for cancer can be found. Of course, I didn’t have the years of medical training and so forth but my hope and faith was a force to be reckoned with) So, that’s when I decided that I absolutely needed to do this!

 3. love to dance! I just can’t describe it or how it makes me feels but somewhere between the beat of the music and remembering the steps, I lose myself and become a completely different person and I LOVE it!

4. I am an online shopping addict but with stores like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 in existence, can you blame a girl?

 5. I am trilingual; I can speak English, Spanish and French.

6. I have two younger siblings, a brother and a sister.

7. I am 5’4… A bit on the shorter side but I don’t mind being shorter.

8. I am mixed with African, Indian and Spanish descent.

9. I like my underwear to match my outfits…. A bit TMI but hey… why not confess my underwear OCD to the world? Lol ☺️

10. I hate to wear slippers to go out…. You will most likely find me in whole flats or sandals! Mostly because I am flat footed so I need a shoe that will hold my foot in place to prevent my heels from going everywhere except the sole of my shoe…. So when I wear slipper with no support for my heels.. It’s a hot mess!

11. I love to daydream and stare into space. I think it’s a great way to relax your mind and escape from the world even if it’s only for a minute.

11 Questions!

1. What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is pink/ purple…. I can’t pick one of them!

2. What is your #1 hair tip?

Deep Condition that hair gurl! It’s the most important thing that I think someone can do on their hair journey. Before mine, I never DCed, but as I began doing it weekly I saw a MAJOR difference in my hair’s health.

3. Who is your celebrity hair crush?

Nicki Minaj…. Omg! Her hair is absolutely gorgeous..I love it so much! It is relaxed, healthy, long and beautiful. All a girl can ask for!

4.What is your #1 hair regret?

Well, when I first relaxed my hair, it was superrrr thick and long… It was between mid back length and waist length but when my hair was natural… My mom never let me wear it in other style except cornrows, so when I had long straight hair all I wanted to do was flat iron it and wear it out all day, every day so after awhile heat damage shoved its way into my life and. I had to chop it all off to about armpit length. So my #1 regret would be abusing my luscious locks with heat.

5. What is your favourite food?

My favourite food is sphagetti and meatballs! Yum!

6. Who is your current favourite hair blogger?

Ooohh! That’s a toughie… There are so many but I would have to say Jen of Just Grow Already.

7.When did you start your hair journey?

I started my journey in April, 2013… About 1 year and 4 months ago.

8.Are you relaxed, natural or Texlaxed?

I am all relaxed, all the time!

9. What is your current hair length goal?

My current hair length goal is waist length… Ah!

10.How long is your hair currently?

My hair is currently Bra Strap Length (BSL).

11. What is your favourite protective style?

My favourite protective style…. Like the millions of other women out there in the world… Hair journey or not is*drumroll please* ….A bun! All kinds of buns, low, high, textured, braided… I love them!

My Nominees are:











My Questions for you:

1. What is your favourite part of your hair journey?

2. What is your holy grail product (one only) ?

3. What is your least favourite part of your hair regimen?

4. Who would you trade hair with in a second?

5. Coconut oil or Conditioner?

6. How do people react to your hair?

7. What is your favourite thing to do on wash days?

8. Ice cream or cake?

9. Would you rather go bald or temporarily insane?

10. What are your hobbies?

11. What is your biggest pet peeve?

The Relaxed Hair Journey Tag!!!

1. What is your current length and where did you start?                                                                         I am currently around BSL- bra strap length(My hair has layers.. So some parts are still BSB- back shoulder blade) and I started at APL-armpit length.

2. What is your goal?                                                                                                                               Healthy, thick waist length hair gurll !!!

3. How long have you been relaxed?                                                                                                       I got my first relaxer in 2011 so I have been relaxed for about 3 years now.

4.What made you decide to be relaxed over natural ?                                                                                Well as a 12 year old who had mega thick, waist length hair, I easily traded in painful comb sessions filled with tears and Ouch!(es) for long, straight voluminous, EASY TO MANAGE hair!

5.Would you ever go natural?                                                                                                                          Of course! I definitely see myself being natural in the next few years…. I am not up for the transition period right now but I will surely attempt it in the next two years.

6. When did you start your hair journey?                                                                                                 I started my hair journey in April,2013.

7.Who/what inspired you to start?                                                                                                           Well, I stumbled across some photos of my hair when it was newly relaxed and I saw how long and thick it was and then I looked at a picture of my hair in that moment and I saw the drastic change. My hair became relatively thin and much shorter because I was just flat ironing my hair week after week, no heat protectant, no moisturizer and wearing it down everyday …. So of course my hair became dry and damaged and from then on I set out to get back my thick, long relaxed hair.

8.Can you quickly share your regimen?                                                                                                   I pre-poo, shampoo and condition weekly on Sundays. I deep condition every other week and on the week that I don’t deep condition, I do a protein treatment. I always airdry my hair and after I will do a flexi-rod set or a braidout(depends on where I am in my stretch). I moisturize and seal about 5-6 times for the week. I relax between 12- 14 weeks  post and only use direct heat when I relax.

9. What’s your favourite hair product ?                                                                                                   After my vacation experience it will be without a doubt, Beautiful Texture Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner. I’ve always loved  this product but I am obsessed with it now. It is awesome!!! It makes my hair feel great even when it’s in its worst condition i.e. After a long day in sand, sea and sun. Not to mention it is a deep conditioner, leave-in and moisturizer all in ONE! If you haven’t tried it, I definitely recommend it.

10.Have you found your staples?                                                                                                               I definitely have products which I will keep around for a longggggg time, however, I am product junkie so I love to try new products and will keep on doing so as long as I breathe. Tehe!

11.What are some of the reactions you get from others?                                                                       Well my family thinks that I spend wayy to much time on my hair but they give me a lot of compliments as well. Strangers and friends are aWays blown away and they constantly ask me what I do and what I use, not to mention the tons of compliments which I am all grateful for as well as the occasional inquiry about where I get my “weave” done. Hunnayy! I grew this! ( Quick Story! I went to dance class one day and a new girl to the class kept staring at me so I just proceeded and tried to ignore her constant uncomfortable glares. So that continued until the end of the class when she approached me and was like… And I quote ” OMG, you actually have thick, healthy RELAXED hair, I have never seen that before” so I replied and said that any hair can be healthy as logic as you take proper care of it, which was followed by a 10 minute discussion on healthy hair practices blah! Blah! Blah!

12.Name your favourite protective styles.                                                                                               A lot of buns and braids…. Actually my most recent protective style obsession is Princess Crown Braids.