Battle of the Cowashes: Creme of Nature vs. Carol’s Daughter

Hey guys! So as you may know, a few weeks ago, I got into co-washing my hair! For a while back, I had tried co-washing with the carols daughter cleansing conditioner and hated it! But recently, I took a leap of faith and tried the Creme of nature cleansing conditioner and to my surprise, fell […]

Love It or Leave It Product Review: CALA Head Massager 

Hey guys! So a few days ago I went to my local beauty supply store and was browsing through the aisles when I saw the CALA Head Massager! Even though I have a Vitagoods Massager, I thought it may be fun to try out the Cala brand as it was quite inexpensive and seemed effective. […]

First Impressions Review: VitaGoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

Simply amazing! is the thought that floods my mind when I consider this tool. This product spread like wild fire across the healthy hair community and I was more than excited to try it upon seeing the countless great reviews of it throughout Youtube so I purchased one on the every trusty Amazon for only […]