Cala Detangler Review 

Hey guys! So a few days ago I went back to my local beauty supply store P.S. I live there 😂 and since I liked the CALA Head Massager  so much, I thought I’d try out the CALA Detangler which was just as inexpensive as the head massager. It came in a variety of color  options, of which, I chose the pink. 

It has a curved structure which allows for easy grip and hold on the hands and also long and short prongs for thorough detangling and smoothing of the hair shaft.The claims made for this product were:

  • For wet and dry hair 
  • Revives shine 
  • Ensures healthy hair 
  • Easily Detangles 

So I tried the brush on both my wet and dry hair and it does excellently Detangle both hair types with minimal shedding and breakage. However, this was true on my freshly relaxed hair. When I tried the brush on 12 week post hair with tons of new growth, it failed to Detangle properly and it began to break my hair so I immediately stopped usage. 

It also claims to revive shine which I do not believe as I saw no change in my hair’s shine and I also believe that a brush doesn’t have such properties.However, it definitely Detangles my hair easily but only without new growth. 

As for its claim of healthy hair, I cannot comment because I have only been using the brush for two weeks which is a short period to notice a drastic change in my hairs health but I will say, like with any detangling tool, this has to be used from the ends of the hair to the root or else it will cause breakage which will deteriorate your hair’s health.

I would definitely use it again but only when my hair is flat ironed or during weeks 1-6 of my relaxer stretch when my new growth is minimal. Since I hardly ever Detangle my hair with a tool as I mostly use my hands, I don’t think using this product sometimes pj my hair would have a negative effect .Therefore, I would rate this product a “Love it!” 

Rating : 🌟🌟🌟

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Battle of the Cowashes: Creme of Nature vs. Carol’s Daughter

Hey guys! So as you may know, a few weeks ago, I got into co-washing my hair! For a while back, I had tried co-washing with the carols daughter cleansing conditioner and hated it! But recently, I took a leap of faith and tried the Creme of nature cleansing conditioner and to my surprise, fell in love with it. Today, I decided to do my mid week Cowash with both conditioners in order to witness first hand the difference in performance so that I could further understand why I liked the Creme of nature brand and not the Carols daughter brand. Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and all views and opinions expressed are personal.

1. Packaging 

  • So the first thing I noticed were that both products came in 12 oz bottles which have pumps. I honestly dislike pumps in the packaging of hair products because I have dense, thick hair and I need a lot of product to coat my strands sufficiently. Therefore, pumps require a lot of extra energy in order to obtain an adequate amount of product and simply seems inconvenient to me. 
  • The packaging of the CON seemed more artistic, vibrant and expressive which I liked while the CD had a sleek, minimalistic appearance both of which were really nice, however, given my personality, I preferred the CD package as the CON package seemed a bit crowded in my opinion.

2. Claims 

  • CON claims to gently cleanse and remove product buildup which it definitely does as my scalp was extremely clean after washing, give exotic shine which I didn’t exactly notice a difference in , preserve hair color which I cannot really assess since my hair has never been color treated and remove frizz which I cannot agree with as the section washed with CON tended to be a bit mor frizzy than the side washed CD.
  • CD claims to deeply moisturize which I do not totally agree with as it moisturized my hair but not as intensely as the CON did , improve softness which it definitely did as it made my hair extremely smooth and manageable, prevent frizz which it did due to its smoothing property and therefore while airdrying the side cleansed with CD had less frizz, color safe which I cannot comment on as I do not have color treated hair, Detangles which it does but the CON has more slip and therefore Detangles better giving me less shedding and breakage and strengthens which it does due to its extremely useful ingredients.

3. Main ingredients 

  •  CON has Argan oil and Vegetable oil which conditions hair and provides shine,lactic acid which smooths hair and restores its strength and elasticity, and keratin which replenishes the hair’s natural protein.
  • CD has glycerin which attracts moisture from the environment to the hair shaft ,agave extract, which attracts moisture to the hair shaft and also strengthens it, absorbic acid which helps build protein and strengthens hair Shea butter which intensely moisturizes, biotin/ vitamin b5 which thickens hair, vitamin e which stimulates growth of the hair follicles and linoleic acid which maintains scalp health.

4. Directions 

  • Both products direct users to apply the product and massage it into the hair. Then leave it for 3-5 minutes and thoroughly rinse.

5. Application

  •  CON applies thicker and creamier than CD as it has more slip and therefore coated my hair strands especially my new growth easier than the CD.

6. Feeling after 5 mins 

  •  I ended up leaving the cowashes in my hair for about 20 minutes as I got caught up in my shower. However, as I rinsed out the CON my hair felt extremely moisturized especially my new growth while my hair felt super smooth but not as moisturized when rinsing out the CD.

7. Detangling Property

  • Both products Detangled my hair great however, I got a bit more shedding with the CD Cowash which was ironic since it claimed to strengthen hair.

8. Meeting its claims  

  • CON met all the claims except one which was its claim of removing frizz. 
  • CD met all the claims except two which were its claims of intense moisturization and detangling due to its lack of slip.

9. Usage of Products 

  • My hair feels really great when using both products honestly. However, I feel as though they would function better at different points in my stretch. Therefore, I decided to use the CD during my 1-6 wk post period as I would not require as much slip and detangling property and its smoothing property would enable me to wear my jumbo flexi-rod sets and other styles which require somewhat sleek hair.
  • Also I would use the 7-12 week post period as I would require and intense amount of moisture and slip which the CON provides. Even the CON promotes frizz, I usually wear my hair in protective styles during this phase and therefore it would not be as great of a problem.

10. Rating

Carols Daughter Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner : 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Purelicious Cleansing Conditioner: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Here are the results of the Cowash 



    I hope this post was useful and enjoyable! Comment below telling me about your experiences with these products and which you prefer. Don’t forget to follow my blog and my IG account @iammisstress for more hair info, styles and fun! 

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    Love It or Leave It Product Review: CALA Head Massager 

    Hey guys! So a few days ago I went to my local beauty supply store and was browsing through the aisles when I saw the CALA Head Massager! Even though I have a Vitagoods Massager, I thought it may be fun to try out the Cala brand as it was quite inexpensive and seemed effective.  

    It came in the above packaging and has the same appearance. As soon as I got home, I whipped it out, unraveled my hair and got to massaging.  It works simply by pressing the prongs of the massager against the top of your head and they then elongate and move downward into the scalp.

    The benefits of this tool claim to be: 

    1. Increased circulation to the scalp which stimulates hair follicles and is great for growth 

    2. Therapeutic effect as its ticklish sensation relaxes the mind and body 

    My first impression were that the prongs were very gentle on my scalp and gave a bit of a relieving, ticklish feel. However, the one thing I disliked about the tool is that it seemed to only massage the same spots of my head even though I changed its orientation. It didn’t thoroughly massage my scalp. 

    I feel as if this product would be excellent daily  when applying oil to your scalp as a method of spreading the oil faster and increasing the blood circulation around hair follicles, however, I do not think it’s effective to be used to remove buildup since it doesn’t cover the entire scalp and its small prongs are not suitable for lifting dirt and sweat particles off the scalp.

    The prongs however, are very smooth which prevents any scalp irritation and AIDS in the relaxing sensation one gets when using the tool which I absolutely love. The design of the product is great and very user friendly even though sometimes my hand hurts from prolonged usage. 

    Overall I rate it : 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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    -Miss Tress 💁🏽🎀💕🙆🏾🌸🌺💇🏾

    Love It Or Leave It!?- Carol’s Daughter Product Reviews 

    So a few weeks ago, I received my carols daughter shipment of products because as everyone knows …. I LOVE CAROLS DAUGHTER on my hair! Love! Love! Love! I decided to try a few new products from the line along with my new ones and as promised, here are my honest..brutally honest…. Lovingly honest….. Honest opinions! 

    The Carols Daughter Mirabelle Plum Dual Oil Treatment  

    So firstly, the packaging!  This product was relatively easy to access in terms of the bottle and cork… I mean I didn’t say to myself”Wow this is super easy to use!” But it wasn’t the worst that I have experienced. It had an amazinggggg scent, however, wow! When I placed it on my hands it had a nice runny consistency, not very thick at all which brings me to my point. This oil is superrrr lightweight! Which I absolutely adore. Now, I tried out this product as a hot oil treatment and me, being accustomed to oil-soaked, heavy, greasy hot oil treatment mixes of coconut oil , olive oil etc, was super surprised by the lightweight content of this oil. I was a bit skeptical when putting it on my hair as a hot oil treatment but after leaving it overnight, my hair felt ridiculously soft the following morning and I was delighted. 

    However, this doesn’t ,mean that I will use this as a hot oil treatment again! I, use have oil mixes to do my hot oil treatments because I have thick , high density strands which need loads of coating. So these mixes not only nourishes my hair immensely but fully coats it in preparation for the stripping properties of my shampoos. In my opinion, this product is not of the sort. It doesn’t fully coat the hair, well my hair, as a hot oil treatment would be expected to do. So I do love this product and how moisturizing it is but I have decided to repurpose it for use as a mid-week hair sealant and a scalp massaging oil! So this is definitely a ❤️Love it!❤️

    The Carols Daughter Black Vanilla 4-n-1 Combing Creme  

    So I love me some moisture in my hair… I mean who doesn’t?!  But this product claims to go above and beyond and incorporate three other functions along with its moisturizing properties. So it firstly claims to Detangle hair which I can definitely agree with, my hair was very easy to Detangle with my wide tooth comb after I applied this product. As a result of this Property, it is also able to effectively carry out its second function, preps hair for manageable styling. I think it carries out this function the most effectively! My hair was super manageable and easy to style. Not forgetting the shine!!!!! It gave so much shine and luster to my hair so “check” next to its third function. 

    However, the main function, the function I definitely anticipated, that is the moisturizing, was a bit disappointing for me. It did not provide any intense moisture for my hair, I felt as if it did moisturize my hair somewhat but very lightly, so my hair was a bit dry in some regions. However, I would love this product as a nice creamy leave in, just to prep my hair for styling but I would not use it as a daily moisturizer when I am further than 8 weeks post because my hair would need way more moisture to prevent breakage etc! I also love the easy use that comes with the packaging so I would say ❤️love it!❤️ for this product also.

    The Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Leave in Conditioner 

    I am in a love-hate relationship with this product! Let me elaborate….. I love it because it’s definitely better on my hair than the Carols Daughter Monoi Leave-in so I can use it as a new strengthening leave-in. It’s okay in terms of providing moisture and manageability. I also must mention that it works awesomeeeeeee together with the Black Vanilla 4n1 Combing Creme. 

    However, I think everyone knows how obsessingly in love I am with my Creme of Nature Leave in Conditioner so NOTHING can do better than that product for me! Therefore I simply must give this product a second place in my leave-in conditioners as it doesn’t provide me with as much moisture and slip as Creme of Nature. I also don’t like the packaging because the nozzle on the pump  makes the product come out very concentrated in one spot whereas I prefer a mist that can spread all throughout my hair strands.  Apart from the this, I would say ❤️love it❤️

    So I hope you enjoyed ,y little review and found the information helpful! If you have tried or want to try any of these products please let me know and I can learn some more information abut them because I just started using them. Anyway, don’t forget to like and follow me on the blog and IG @miss_tress123 for hair pics, information, tutorials and loads of fun! 

    Love ya!

    -Miss Tress 🎀💇🏾🌺💁🏽💕🌸🙆🏾

    Carol’s Daughter Product Haul! 

    Hello! It’s that special time of year when my cupboard is running dry and I must restock! so of course, I ran to the sanctuary that is the Carols Daughter website and repurchased some my faves and my inner product junkie even decided to buy some new products! At the time of purchase they were having their end of the year sale (2015 that is) so I got a whole bunch of stuff for a really great purchase I must say!   

    So firstly I repurchased the Mirabelle Plum Biotin Max Hydration Set along with the deep conditioner and if you read my  Top 10 Hair Products of 2015 post then you would already know how crazy I am about these three products but I must re-iterate how intensely moisturizing these products are and the loads of slip which they provide, not to mention its to die to scent! Moving on to the Monoi Repairing Set, now in the Top 10 Products of 2015, I told you guys how much I love this product but the only thing I would change is its packaging which is hard to use in shower! And surprisingly enough Carol’s Daughter heard my prayers and provided this huge packaging with Pumps! I couldn’t be happier and now I won’t be dreading using this in the shower! Also I repurchased the deep conditioner which would probably come as no surprise😂 

    I also repurchased the Hair Milk Styling Butter which I want to work on because I feel as if it makes my hair soft and defined but not as moisturizes as I would like to so I am thinking of adding an oil or cream before I decide not to use it! 

    And now for the new stuff!!!!!! 

    I  wanted to try the Mirabelle Plum Leave in conditioner because I am no longer loving the Carols Daughter Monoi Leave in as it makes my hair a bit crunchy so I will only use it prior heat styling my hair and later down in my stretch when I need as much protein as possible so that my hair doesn’t break off. I also thought it would be good to have something to back up the Creme of nature leave in in case it goes out of stock again as it did last year and if it’s anything like rest of the products from this line, I know I wil love it! 

    I also picked up the Black Vanilla Hair 4-n-1 Hair Combing Creme out of sheer curiosity p! Even though I love my current moisturizers I still think I haven’t found one that I can’t live without so I’m just playing around in the hopes of finding that one special moisturizer. 

    Finally, I decided to try the Mirabelle Plum Hair Oil Treatment for my scalp massages. Usually I use a perfumed castor oil but I think it’s too thick for weekly scalp massages and I am not a big fan of its scent so I am going to try out this oil with my scalp massages or I might mix it with castor oil to thin it down and remove its scent! 

    I will be reviewing the new products which I have tried soon and I love the not so new ones all the same!  As you can tell, I’m in love with Carols Daughter and I don’t think this love will ever die😁 I hope you enjoyed this post and it may have given you some ideas of products to try or any other information! Be sure to follow my blog for up to date posts of hair and fun as well as my IG page @miss_tress123 ! 

    Love you guys 

    -Miss Tress 🌺🎀💕🌸💁🏽🙆🏾💇🏾

    💕🌺 My Top 10 Hair Products of 2015🌺💕

    First of all …. Happy New Year Everyone🎊🎊🎊🎊! I am so excited for 2016 because it feels like a year of happiness and success which I wish for all of you! Let me begin by expressing how difficult it was to pick products for this tag which made me realize how absolutely in love I am with my hair stash right now! I wanted to show you guys every single product but don’t worry that post will be coming soon! These products are not placed in any particular order so here goes….


     Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave in Conditioner                                                                                                   There are no words to describe how much I love this product! It makes air drying a breeze! My hair is left feeling smooth and shiny…. Not to mention light, fluffy and ready for styling! It’s the only leave-in conditioner that I have discovered which helps me so much with detangling. The smell is absolutely divine also!!!! Quick Story! During this year, there was a period when it was out of stock at all my local beauty supply stores and I felt absolutely hopeless😩 but when I finally found it again about 2 months after… I bought 5 bottles so I never have to endure that tragedy again! 😅😂


    Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner.                                                                                                            This duo is moisture central for my hair in terms of wash day! I love the rich lather of the shampoo even though its sulfate free because I am a lather kinda girl!💁🏽 It leaves my scalp and hair squeaky cleaned but hydrated and smooth! The conditioner has crazyyyyy slip which I definitely appreciate during my detangling session in the shower. The tangles melt out of my hair and I fall in love with this set with each use all over again!


    Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner                                                                                                                This set is mainly protein based but I love it’s reconstructing properties and how they work on my hair. The shampoo is very cleansing to my scalp and it moisturizes really well. It doesn’t lather since it is sulfate free but I can definitely feel a difference in my scalp after using it. The conditioner has awesome slip!!!!! It’s absolutely great on my hair especially when detangling. The thing that I love most about this set is  how great it works on my hair throughout all phases of my stretch and how manageable it makes my new growth. However, I don’t like the packaging as it makes it difficult to use but the products definitely compensate for their packaging.


    Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Hair Mask and Monoi Repairing Hair Mask

    I simply love both these hair masks. I use the Mirabelle Plum for Moisture and the Monoi for Protein. They both get the job done quite effectively and I love the slip it brings to my hair. It makes it soft and moisturized. I also love the thick consistency because it lasts longer and covers my thick strands better. Overall… Pros all round! 


    Creme of Nature Style and Shine Foaming Mousse!                                                                                                                                     I have no words except…..THE BEST STYLER EVER!!!!!!! Soft hold, super moisturizing, leaves hair incredibly shiny, jaw dropping definition and the list goes on and on….This product will forever live in my heart and hair cupboard! 


    Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream.                                                                                                                                  Calling all thick hair ladies!!!!!! This moisturizer is absolutely amazing if your strands are dense! Now I have thick hair and when my extra thick new growth comes in my hair turns into a war zone💁🏽 BUT since I discovered this moisturizer I have been saved! This product is a major influence on the reason I am able to stretch my relaxers for such long periods without going totally crazy! It helps curb breakage due to its protein base and its thick consistency tames any amount of hair! I am not a big fan of its scent but I’ve gotten used to it. I absolutely adore it and definitely recommend it.


    ORS Olive Oil Girls Hair Pudding.                                                                                                                                                                       There isn’t much I can say about the greatness of this product! My baby hairs are slicked and my edges are laid to the gods without any residue, buildup or crunchy hard texture so for that I am forever thankful😁

    And that concludes my top 10 Hair Products of 2015! I hope you enjoyed it ! Don’t forget to follow my blog for loads of fun hair posts and follow my IG page for even more tons of fun and hair pictures! 

    Love -Miss Tress🎀

    First Impressions Review: VitaGoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

    Simply amazing! is the thought that floods my mind when I consider this tool. This product spread like wild fire across the healthy hair community and I was more than excited to try it upon seeing the countless great reviews of it throughout Youtube so I purchased one on the every trusty Amazon for only $20.00 US which i found to be quite good for a product of such quality.

    As it arrived, I ecstatically ripped it out of its packaging and beheld this!


    Firstly, I chose a mint colour which I absolutely adored and  I enjoyed the fact that its uses and benefits were clearly stated on the front of the packaging so that I could easily be made aware of what I would get out of this tool, so I’ll tell you my experience with each advantage.

    1. Promotes a Healthier Scalp – Well I have never been one to suffer with an unhealthy scalp or scalp diseases so I cant comment on this particular benefit however, after I have used it for a while I can make comparisons on the improvement of my scalp, if any, which I will be doing in the future.

    2. Helps Control Dandruff- I would believe that this benefit is connected to the first and since I have never had dandruff, then I have no experience to share. However, my mother, who has a dry, flaky scalp used it and she noticed a change so  I believe that it works well on such scalp issues. She is natural so she really enjoyed accessing her scalp without the excess hair manipulation.

    3. Lifts Away Dead skin Cells- Yes! Yes! and YES! Within the first seconds of using this product, the vibrations that it produced began to exfoliate my scalp and after shampooing my hair, my scalp felt like it got a chance to breathe! I honestly never felt such a clean sensation on my scalp and I must attribute it to the removal of the dead skin cells that may have clogged my pores, which leads me to agree with its fourth benefit, 4. Massages and Invigorates Your Scalp!

    5.Waterproof- Now on my first use, water did enter the clear base of the tool and I grew worried but I believe that I didnt secure it properly as I dont have that problem right now when using it.

    So some other things to consider when purchasing/using this product:

    1. It is battery-operated (1 battery)

    2. The vibrations are not painful or discomforting

    3. You must circulate and move the product around your head to experience a clean scalp. It will NOT clean your scalp if you just place it on your hair and allow the vibrations to occur.

    4. It is travel-sized and very easy to use… the simple press of a button!

    5. Its elongated prongs allow you to access your scalp without manipulation of your hair shaft, therefore limiting tangles and breakage.

    I definitely recommend this product to all ladies of all hair types! Its affordable and efficient so I rate it 5 stars!

    Have you tried the VitaGoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush? What was your experience?

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    Hope this was beneficial to you

    Xo- Miss Tress