Back Again?! 

However, in my absence I didn’t complete forget my blog…… I have been thinking about great post and series ideas which I can’t wait to share and also.. My hair routine and my hair itself has changed quite a bit. With that being said, we definitely have alot to chat about!

Relaxer Day 4

Hey guys! I am ecstatic to be back! As you all know, there are are three-four days of the year that bring me sheer ecstasy…. Relaxer day! And of course, I cannot wait to share this one with you! Since I have several relaxer day posts including my process and products…. I will simply discuss […]

Relaxer Day 3 With Miss Tress!

Sooooooo relaxer day finally rolled around and this stretch concluded at 20 weeks post! And I’ll just say from now that I’ll never get this far into a stretch EVER AGAIN! Boy was this hard work! My new growth was super thick and that’s one of things I love most about relaxer day… I can […]