Wash Dayaries #24- Hair Heaven!

Hey guys! And the wash day posts have resumed…… I started off with a hot oil treatment, which I haven’t done in a while. I simply applied coconut oil to my hair in four sections and allowed it to sit for approximately 2-3 hours. I used one oil simply because I was too lazy to […]

Washday #17-18: Balance is Key

Hey all! So I decided to combine my previous 2 wash days into one big post so that I can compare the differences between my moisture wash day routine and protein wash day routine! I thought it would be easier to understand my regimen this way so I decided to share with you guys! Side […]

Washdayaries 16-Hmmmmm! Pin curls?

Hey all! so this post is a week late! (hides face) but I am still posting about last week’s washday because I want to ensure that I keep track of it all so I’ll be super short and sweet! Washday 3 Relaxer Stretch Period: 4 weeks post relaxer Focus: Protein So I resumed my protein […]