My Hair Progress

I began my hair journey in April 2013 and my hair was Very thin at the ends in somewhat of a v-shape with the peak at armpit length, I am starting this blog in the month of June 2014 and my hair looks like this:

I am right above bra-strap length and my hair is much thicker than my hair at the beginning of my journey. As my blog progresses, I will post relaxer updates and pictures of my progress to my page.

Goal for next relaxer at the end of Summer: A healthy bra strap length.


Relaxer Update No.1- August 31st, 2014

I am officially BSL and I couldn’t be happier! My layers are growing out very nicely and is becoming even with the back of my hair, adding to my hair’s thickness.

Goal for my next relaxer at then end of the year- Maintain healthy ends and my hair’s thickness

Long term Length Goals- Fully cover my BS by April,2015 and Mid-Back Length by  August 2015!

Full Back

Aug 2014

Relaxer Update No.2- December 23rd, 2014

I am still maintaining bra strap length and my layers continue to grow. I attribute this to the significant increase in my hairs thickness as well as my ponytails. However my hair is in dire need of a trim which I will update you on on January of 2015.  Only when I trim my ends, I will meet my previous short term goal of completely healthy ends.

Goal for my next relaxer in April 2015- It will officially be two years since I have been on my hair journey and I would like to celebrate it with fully covered BSL hair that is thick and healthy.

Long term Length Goal- MBL hair by August 2015 (missed due to my hair cut)

Next Relaxer- April 2015

Full back

Dec 2014

Relaxer Update No.3- April 19th

Subsequent to relaxing my hair, I did a 2 inch trim on my ends simply to retain thorough thickness on my hair which took my hair back to a little on my bra strap and as a result I will be unable to make goal of MBL by August so therefore my long term goal for my next relaxer will be reclaiming full BSL but overall I am very impressed by my hair’s health! Take a look

Next Relaxer- August/September 2015

April 2015

April 2015

Relaxer Update No.4- September 4th

I stretched this relaxer for 20 weeks which is a bit more than my hair is accustomed and of course, I got a tad bit of breakage which I will work to fix before my next relaxer but I have reclaimed BSL and achieved my goal after trimming my hair during my last relaxer. My goal for my next relaxer would be to overcome my slight breakage and I would also like to set my long term goal of making MBL by April 2016 on my 3 year Hair Journey Anniversary. Here is where I am now!

Next Relaxer- December 2015


September 2015


Relaxer Update No.5                                                                                                      I was able to stretch my relaxer for exactly 16 weeks this time around which was okay. However, I feel as though my slight breakage at the ends of my hair has been constant which I absolutely loathe. My hair is in a good state of health overall which I am proud of! I have passed my bra strap but I am not claiming MBL just yet as I feel I still have more to go ( or should I say grow!😂) I am going to fight harder to combat my breakage which I attribute to my long stretches. I have finally realized that my hair doesn’t agree with the 16 week stretch because most of my shedding and breakage occurs between weeks 12-16. Therefore I have decided to return to my 12 weeks stretches because I have reflected and I feel my ends were much better during the time when I did 12 week stretches. I am hoping that this brings me  a nice length and thickness boost even though I am pleased with my hair currently. However, there is always room for improvement!                                                                           Next relaxer – March 2016


December 2015

Relaxer Update No.6

I trimmed my hair and resumed my 12 week stretch and I noticed a significant improvement in the health of my ends so I will be continuing my 12 week stretches. This relaxer stretch also marks my 3 year Hair Anniversary which is super exciting! I can’t believe I got from grazing APL with unhealthy,thin, dry hair to thick, luscious, healthy hair that’s grazing MBL in three years. I definitely want to achieve WL by my 4 year hair anniversary! I am protective styling like crazy because I think now that I’ve dealt with my ends, I need to maintain them. My goal for my next relaxer in June is a healthy MBL so let’s see how it goes!

Next Relaxer: June 2016


March 2016

Relaxer Update No.7

I did it! I got my hair to a healthy MBL and I couldnt  be prouder! For this stretch, I wore my hair in protective styles 95% of the time and avoided daily manipulation. I also introduced mid week cowashing into my hair regimen which made my hair thrive. My goal for my next relaxer in September is to get my top layers to grow out a little longer thereby evening out my hair’s V-shape a little better. As far as length goes, I would love to be WL on my four year hair anniversary, however, if I achieve this goal sooner, I will definitely be ecstatic!

Next Relaxer: September 2016


June 2016

-Miss Tress 🙆🏾🌸🎀💁🏽🌺💕🙆🏾



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